5 iPhone Apps That Help You Run Faster

One of the things leading to my decision to get an iPhone 18 months ago was the sheer volume of apps available for the running enthusiast. Since then I have tried out quite a few of them – some were awesome, and truthfully, some were really bad. Here, after 18 months of running with my iPhone, and setting a new personal best in the half marathon, I present to you 5 iPhone Apps that will help you run faster.

5 apps to help you run faster.

  1. Runners World SmartCoach: Looking for a training plan, customized to your individual running ability, that will have you in top shape for your next race? Whether you are a beginner just looking to finish or a veteran looking to run your fastest time ever, Runner’s World SmartCoach can help by creating a customized plan just for you.SmartCoach Screen Shot
  2. iSmoothRun: iSmoothRun is not just another GPS tracker. It’s programmed by runners, and is the App that we all wished for. Taking advantage of the unique hardware iPhones provide, this is the ultimate App for endurance training. Using both the GPS and the Accelerometer iSmoothRun literally follows you in every step of your training. You can even start your run outdoors, and move indoors on a treadmill. iSmoothRun will automatically switch modes and continue tracking. I can calculate cadence, average stride length and coach you with a metronome to increase your cadence.  If you own a ANT+ footpod or a bluetooth heart rate monitor (ie: the Polar H7) this app can connect with it too. The Powerful interval editor will let you define, in an easy way, all of your interval workouts. iSmoothRun will then coach you during your run based either on Pace or Heart rate zone!ISmoothRun Screen Shot
  3. Nike Training Club: Nike Training Club gives you your own personal trainer, anytime, anywhere. Get lean, toned and strong with more than 85 custom-built workouts. Unlock exclusive extra workouts from celebrities like Lea Michele, professional athletes like Shawn Johnson, and Rihanna’s personal trainer, Ary Nuñez. This helps you to really build up the core and upper body strength you need to run faster through body weight, muscular endurance type exercises.
    Nike Training Club Screen Shot
  4. Ab Workouts Free: Simple abdominal exercises & workouts, motivation from your very own e-trainer and information on the right foods to eat, this app can help you achieve a strong core that will contribute to running faster.
    Ab Workouts Screen Shot
  5. Jog.Fm: Launch this app after iSmoothRun and run! The jog.fm app detects how fast you’re running and plays the best songs automatically. Prefer a consistent pace? No problem. You can easily set a pace for yourself. You can even include a warmup song if you’d like. Do you use other fitness apps like RunKeeper or Nike+ (in “outdoor” mode)? Just launch the other fitness app first, then launch jog.fm. Works like a charm. ** Please Note **
    There is a one-time setup that will take about one minute (depending on the size of your library). The app needs to analyze your songs to figure out which ones to play. An internet connection is required for this setup step because the app is powered by the Echo Nest.
    Jog.fm Screen Shot


What are your favourite iphone apps for running?

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