The World’s Greatest Fitness iPhone App

It’s no secret – I love my iPhone and I love exercising. So when I discovered the Nike Training Club iPhone App I instantly fell in love. Swoon!

Sure there are lots of fitness apps on the market, but none that I’ve tried have given me as good a workout as Nike Training Club.

Tower of Power Workout

The app is primarily based on needs, so the training can be used by people of all different experience levels and all different body types. The four areas are â€Å”Get Lean,” â€Å”Get Toned,” â€Å”Get Strong,” and â€Å”Get Focused,”. Inside of each section there are subsections that contain different workouts, depending on what level of training you are at. If you are a beginner looking to get strong you can bust out the â€Å”Magnum” workout that contains 45 minutes of rapid workouts, but if you are die-hard crazy, you can take on the 45 min â€Å”Adrenaline Hit” that will surely leave you as a sweaty mess.

Each exercise in the app is accompanied by a set of example pictures that walk you through the movements, as well as a video showing the perfect motion of the exercise in high res glory. In fact, everything about the app, from the powerful black and white with bold letters theme to the high quality examples is top notch. If you ‘re looking for a nice looking app with no weird quirks, you ‘re looking in the right place.

Once you ‘ve conquered some of the workouts, you can start working towards the Nike Training Club goals, which are primarily symbolic but at times give you additional workouts and celebrity training guides. Your progress is all tracked by time though, so you ‘ll only get as much out of the app as you put in. Just because the app thinks you ‘re a â€Å”Champion” after 660 minutes of working out doesn ‘t mean that you actually did every rep, every time. Stick with the app though and good things are sure to happen.

I tried the “Tower of Power” workout and had a blast! It was tough, I got sweaty, and I was the good kind of sore afterwards. The “wood chops” and the “single leg deadlift with arm curl” exercises were REALLY hard!  This would be a great workout to do at the park while the kids are playing – very little equipment is needed and it’s portable!

If you have an iPhone, I highly recommend that you download this (it’s FREE) and give it a try!

Note: You will need a small/medium sized yoga ball and some adequate weight dumbbells for some of the workouts. Just an FYI.

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      No problem! I think it also works on the iPod Touch.
      I saw that you’re back running – way to go!! I have no idea how you find the time, I just can’t seem to fit it in without a treadmill.