Livefyre Blog Commenting System – Should You Make the Switch?

Ahhhhh – blog comments. Aren’t they magical?  I don’t know about you, but they make me feel so loved!  It’s one of the ways I gauge my posts and my blogging – did you like my post?  Did you find it engaging?  Should I write more like that?  Etc…

But another question that’s been on my mind lately is:

Am I making it easy for my readers to comment?

I’ve heard that commenting on blogs in general (not just mine) has dopped significantly over the past year.  Is this because we’re engaging more on Twitter?  or Facebook? Or is the comment system on blogs simply too cumbersome to bother commenting?

With this in mind, I recently made the leap from the built-in WordPress commenting system:

Built-in WordPress Comment System

To Livefyre:

Livefyre Comment System

I decided to do this because Livefyre offers  social sign-in,  allowing you to sign-in to comment via your Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts, allowing you to jump right into the conversation in a matter of seconds. I felt this would make it less cumbersome for you to leave comments because you no longer have to fill in the form with your name, email and blog address.

In addition, Livefyre has some really intriguing features that I wanted to try out first hand here on Fitness Cheerleader.

Things like:

  • Live comment streaming.
    Communities can interact in a real-time environment
  • Conversation following.
    Visitors can stay connected to the conversation even after leaving the page – they can receive either individual email notifications of replies, or a digest of replies.
  • Live listener count.
    Site visitors can see how many other community members are “listening” and participating in the conversation.
  • Comment voting and user ratings.
    Voting rewards commenters for awesome comments and conversation.
  • Comment sharing.
    With two clicks of the mouse, any comment can be posted to the social network of your choosing for all of your friends to see.
  •  Friend tagging.
    Users the power to bring their entire social network directly to your content. By simply typing the â€Å”@” symbol in a comment, users open a list of their entire Facebook and Twitter network, allowing them to mention and invite any of their friends to join in on the conversation.

Overall, from a blog administrator’s perspective, I *like* Livefyre.  It was REALLY easy to implement (ridiculously easy) and replying to comments is simple.  I was really impressed with how it imported comments left on my posts on my Facebook Fan page, right to Fitness Cheerleader:

That said, there are a few features I had set up on Fitness Cheerleader that Livefyre doesn’t support:

  • Comment re-direction
    I had a wordpress plugin that re-directed visitors who made their fist time ever comment to a special “Thank you” page.  I had set up the page to also give visitors an overview of my site, high-lighting some of my best posts, and had a newsletter sign-up available.
  • Customized comment reply notification
    While Livefyre does have comment reply notification, you can’t customize it.  I previously had a WordPress plugin installed that allowed me to include links to subscribe to Fitness Cheerleader, and a thank you for visiting message in the reply email.

Now it’s you turn…

Could you test out the Livefyre comment system below and let me know what YOU think?

  • How is the user experience?
  • Is it easy to leave a comment?
  • Confusing?
  • Would you, or have you tried Livefyre on your blog?

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  1. says

    LiveFyre has been good for most of my blogs. It has caused some headaches for some of my readers who have trouble commenting on/with it, but overall it seems to have received a very positive response. I can say only good things about it.
    Alan Almonte´s last post ..3D SoftwareMy Profile

  2. findfamilyfitness says

    I used Livefyre for a while, but noticed my comments decreased DRAMATICALLY once I implemented it. I went back to the wordpress comments

    • says

      @findfamilyfitness Interesting that you should say that – I got a tweet today from tinafff that she couldn’t comment on my most recent post, but she wanted to let me know that she had read it and liked my post.

      Rumour has it that the cool comment system on the blogs will be available soon as part of the JetPack plugin. I’m looking forward to giving that one a shot too.

      Thanks for stopping by Wendy!!

  3. foodiemcbody says

    Hmmm. I hadn’t heard of it but anything that makes me complete ANY extra steps is so annoying. Which is why I think many of my readers reply/comment on FB rather than on the blog itself. Which has been baffling!

    • says

      @foodiemcbody I’ve had a similar experience – I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from posts on Twitter. I’ve been striving to find a way to bring that into the blog. Livefyre has captured 2 of the Twitter conversations since I installed it, but has missed several more. Is some better than none?

  4. LifeWithKatie says

    I love how when I’m thinking about something, someone is already trying it out and I can get a good feel for it. Right now, I’m using the standard blogger system and I don’t like that I can’t really reply back to people. Does livefyre fix that issue?

  5. peteccsb says

    hi Janice,

    I hopped on hear from the article about the new Comments Plus plug-in. Now I’m having a hard time whether I should go for their plug-in or if I should switch to liveFyre. What are your thoughts?

    • says

      @peteccsb Great question Pete! I’m wondering the same thing myself. There are some great features in the @livefyre system that aren’t available in the Comments Plus plugin from wpmuorg . Yet at the same time, I believe the wpmuorg Comments Plus plugin will wok nicely with the other comment plugins that I’ve come to enjoy like: Comment redirect, Comment Reply Notification and .WP Better Emails

      • peteccsb says

        will you know what Janice, I bought the comments plus plug-in and I’m in the process of getting it up and running. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes although I have to say that livefyre is a serious contender. I have a couple more questions that I thought I’d like to ask you to?

        1) what are your thoughts on the Disqus commenting system?

        2) Do you use any of the WordPress apps for iPhone or iPad? Part of the reason that I may want to stay with the WordPress commenting system is because those apps integrate well with it so I can moderate comments while I’m away from my computer.

      • says

        @peteccsb Thanks Pete! I am a WPMU Dev member myself for a multisite project I run. I’m thinking about using Comments Plus there. Perhaps as a premium upgrade for “Pro Supporters”. Personally, I feel there are pros and cons of both wpmuorg ‘s system and the livefyre system.

        In response to you other questions:

        1) I tried Disqus here on Fitness Cheerleade 18 mos ago – I switched back to WordPress commenting after two weeks. At that time people were not used to connecting accounts or signing in to comment – I believe that this has changed now.

        2) I do use the WordPress app on both my iPhone and my iPad – it is disappointing that I cannot reply to comments from either one of those while using @livefyre – I tried that initially and the comments were not displayed on my site, but did appear in the back end dashboard. I also tried to reply today to these comments from my iPad by visiting Fitness Cheerleader directly, and was unable to get my cursor into the reply box.

      • peteccsb says

        @Janice – Fitness Cheerleaderwpmuorglivefyre@livefyre thanks Janice for your tremendous insight, I can’t tell you enough how valuable they have been to me. Wishing you all the best on your all too wonderful blog :-)

  6. says

    Hi Janice, thanks for the write up about Livefyre and glad you’re liking it so far! Welcome to the community, and we appreciate the feedback you’ve provided so far.

    As far as comment redirect/reply, when I leave a comment on a blog for the first time (or any time for that matter) I feel the most gratification when the author replies to my post on their site. It brings me back to the content and I’m more likely to become a part of the community. With Livefyre commenters get emails for replies, so we often see them coming back to continue the conversation.

    • says

      @jennalanger Yes – I *almost* always reply to comments, infact, I especially make it a priority to reply to a new reader’s comment. I once wrote a post about it on my other blog:

      I have also been using Comment Redirect plugin to send first time commentors to this page: I still have that plugin installed, but having @livefyre installed has prevented it from functioning. Is this a feature that would be considered for a future @livefyre upgrade? Or Premium feature?

      As well, I would love to customize the reply email that is sent from @livefyre – I’ve been doing that with the Comment Reply Notification plugin and WP Better Emails – is this also a feature that would be considered for a future @livefyre upgrade?

      • says

        @Janice – Fitness Cheerleader We’re looking at ways we can add this customization into our product roadmap. Custom emails are a premium feature that go along with your owner user system as well. Keep watching ups for updates! :)