Sony WaterProof MP3 Player Review + $100 Best Buy Gift Card Giveaway!


One of the best fitness motivators for me is music. My favourite workout song is “Inner Ninja” and listening to it when I run really helps to pump me up! Unfortunately though listening to my favourite music is next to impossible to listen to when I’m swimming. Or so I thought until Best Buy contacted me to ask me how they can help me achieve my fitness goals by allowing me to choose any of the headphones recommended by Tommy Europe:

Because music helps to make my run much more enjoyable I’ve always suspected that it would do the same for my swimming, but have never had a waterproof music player/headphones set to test the theory out, so I didn’t hesitate to ask to try the Sony WaterProof MP3 Player. The MP3 player arrived very quickly which didn’t surprise me as I learned how amazingly fast their shipping is when I ordered my 3 daughters headphones 3 days Christmas last year and they arrived in time!

 The first thing I did was take out the headphones out of the package, and installed the MediaGo MP3 software onto my laptop.  It quickly found all of the music and podcasts saved to my computer from iTunes.  


From there it was easy to drag and drop to add my iTunes songs, create playlists AND even added a podcast to the MP3 player.  The software was VERY easy to use.  

The next morning it was time to take the MP3 player/headphones out for a test run.  At first glance the headphones appeared to be a rather unusual shape, and a bit awkward – they almost look like  bluetooth headset with tiny buttons for basic operation like volume up/down, next song, change playlist etc:


I was very apprehensive about how well they headphones would stay ON while I run.  There’s nothing I hate more than having to fiddle around with earbuds/headphones while I run.  I only have a limited amount of time to run and I don’t want to be wasting it fiddling.  Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised with how securely the headphones fit and stayed on.  They were a bit awkward to get on at first, but once I got the hang of it they stayed in place for my whole run!  

photo 1

Ignore the dark circles under my eyes – it was 6:30 am.

It was nice to run without getting tangled up in a cord and the sound on them was pretty good too. I listened to the Another Mother Runner podcast just to test whether you could indeed download and listen to podcasts.  the best part about this is that by using the MP3 player to store podcasts I save storage space on my iPhone.  The headphones completely passed my running test.

Next up was my swimming test. With Iron Girl coming up in a few short days, it was the perfect opportunity to test out whether music would motivate me during a swim.  My coach was on vacation so I had to do my long swim by myself… something I completely was dreading as I find lap swimming sooooooooooo boring!  The night before I made a special playlist to lisen to while swimming with the hopesg that my favourite songs would help to mask to monotony of a 45 min swim by myself.  

Getting the headphones on with my swim cap and goggles was easier than I had expected:

photo 2

photo 3

It is important to note that getting  the right fit in your ear is crucial to being able to hear the music.  There are several little rubber ear pieces and you need to experiment with them to find the snuggest fit possible.  If water gets in between the ear piece and your ear drum the sound will be muffled.  I took the time before swimming to find the best ear pieces for me and was glad that I did so because I didn’t have a problem hearing my music at all.  The headphones stayed in place while I swam and I was able to stay motivated to swim while being able to hear my music loud and clear. While swimming freestyle I occasionally would knock the headphones out of my ear – I think this is more a flaw in my struck than the design of the headphones. I swam laps for a total of 45 min before realising how much time had passed!! Music really is motivating!

All in all I was very impressed with the performance of the Sony WaterProof MP3 Player. A quick 3 minute charge gives 60 minutes of playback, it is light and portable, easy to use and stays ON!  The sound quality is average when using for a run or walk, but was great for swimming.  

I would like to caution that these are not safe for open water swimming as you need to be able to hear boats and other dangers.  

For lap swimming these were fantastic!  There’s nothing more motivating than listening to your own playlists in the pool!


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Good luck!!


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