Motivation Monday – January 18, 2010

Lost 2.4 lbs!

This is my Mamavation post for January 18, 2010.  (Also – don’t forget to get your vote in for the next Mamavation Mom and join us at the Mamavation Twitter Party on January 21, 2010 8-11 pm )

This week was fantastic! I stuck to my training plan (ran 25.5k), attempted the #team100 workout twice, packed my lunch everyday, and prepared the meals I planned for my family… the best part of all is that my hard work paid off! I know I said last week that I was only going to weigh myself every other week, but I *felt* thinner, so I thought I’d take a chance and weigh myself. I was shocked to see that I’d lost 2.4lbs since January 7th!

My Progress

One of the biggest changes I made this week was using the Loseit ipod/iphone aplication as a meal planner – I entered in the foods I planned to eat, then corrected the journal throughout the day to reflect realityn. It worked really well – and it was interesting to see that some days I didn’t plan on eating enough, so I had to adjust and add food :) And on other days I had to adjust my portion sizes. My biggest goal was to eat more protein – we’re supposed to eat 1g of protein for every kg of body weight. When I tracked my food two weeks ago I averaged 28g of protein/day. This week I was able to increase that to 75.4g/day. I ate a TON of tuna to meet that, so I’m going to have to keep searching for more foods rich in protein but low in fat – ideas anyone?

(HINT: you can use wikianswers to figure out how many kg’s you weigh, ie: 134 pounds to kg).

What else happened? Oh yeah – I posted a classified ad on my work’s intranet site looking for a running partner and ended up finding that theres an informal running club that meets everyday at lunch to run a few loops around the park nearby. I ran with them on Wednesday and had a lot of fun and ended up running 8.64K. I’ve really missed the social aspect of running and it’s nice to run with a group. This is going to REALLY help my mental health, as my hubby travels for work a ton, leaving me to spend a lot of hours alone. I’m also looking forward to having the group help me maintain my motivation – people who train with a friend are more successful!

This weekend I also bought a new slow cooker cookbook – I LOVE slow cooker meals! It’s such an easy way to force veggies upon my family! I’ll have to write up a review of it and some of the recipes I’ve tried in another post – maybe later this week?

Next week… hmmm – what should my goals be?  Next week I plan to:

  • run a total of 26 km
  • continue planning meals, and packing my running gear up the night before
  • do the #team100 workout more than twice…

What are your goals for next week?  What did you accomplish? Why don’t you answer these questions in your own post and link it up below? That way we can all cheer each other on! Have a great week folks!

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  1. says

    That's an awesome tracking tool you're using! Did your chart came from there as well? It's a very good idea to use chart in tracking your weight. Maybe I'll start using one as well. Thanks for the idea.

    You had a very active week. Way to go! I used to join in our gym's fitness activities but eversince I started working from home, I cancelled my gym membership at work since I rarely go there anymore.

    You are doing such a good job not only in taking care of yourself but in inspiring us as well. Keep it up! — @ImaHotMom

  2. says

    You had a great week! Like Lisa, I prefer to workout alone, but it's great that you have buddies! Good 4 you to try to utilize the crockpot more. I need to do the same.

  3. says

    You are doing a fantastic job! I aspire to run like you do. I am nowhere near that, and hope to be able ot run 5k in a few months.

    I’m looking forward to some healthy slow cooker meals posted by you soon! I’ll be watching for them!

  4. lastminutemandy says

    1st – loving the title of your previous post! HA! 2nd – loving that you are posting with us. It is easy to forget that fitness is work – for every one – so I'm so happy to see your reminder. You are doing fantastically! So happy you are cheering for us!

  5. angelasue79 says

    Way to go on the running this week!! And you are an awesome cheerleader, I appreciate your support. Thank you!!

  6. says

    Ok, I need to get an ipod! Sounds like you did great in all areas! I'm especially happy to hear about the social part. You need that! If you find any great Crock Pot recipes, keep me posted.

  7. says

    I think having workout friends is huge. My fit friend keeps me moving and we motivate each other to get to the gym. Sounds like you had a great week.

  8. says

    Wow, you are SUCH an inspiration! I love my crockpot too. I actually have 3 of them, a mini one for dips, a medium size, and a large one. Unfortunately, I broke the glass lid to my large crockpot yesterday. Shattered everywhere! I have to adjust my menu planning until I can get a replacement lid.

    Thanks so much for sharing and cheering us on too!

  9. tlestrogen says

    Wow great week! You really inspire me my dear. It's great finding peeps with likeminds to workout with.

  10. tinav says

    great job….. it is exciting to get a loss you weren't really expecting!!
    i soo wish i could run.. maybe someday.
    and i am asking for an itouch for my birthday , that app sounds cool.

    thanks for all your support….
    see you at the momtv show and of course at the twitter party thurs.

  11. says

    I am looking forward to reading more about your work buddies pushing you in your 1/2 training. They did great this week by you. Have fun getting the mileage up, cross-training, and eating well. Just watch the rest of those potent crock pot meals ;)

  12. leahsegedie says

    WOW! You did great! And I love that you are getting some slow cooker cookbooks. Let me know if you find a healthy one. I don't have a healthy one. XXOO

  13. says

    O gosh, you have so much math lingo with all the calories and protein and such…that's cool that you found a group of social runners, that would definitely make it all worth doing when you have friends doing it with you. I am really looking forward to hearing about your 26k.

  14. says

    GREAT WEEK – how awesome to have found ppl at work doing what you love! I'm just the opposite – my work out time is my alone time – I love getting lost in my own thoughts. I especially love singing and dancing and being goofy when good songs come over my iPOD that inspire me.