Motivation Monday: Showing You the #Proof

Hey guys! How are you? How was your weekend? This is my Mamavation Monday post for Monday, April 2, 2012.

This week I was AWESOME! Last week I wrote about how I was ready to get off the roller coaster because I’ve been slacking off and making excuses a lot lately, but not this week… And I’ve got the PROOF to show you!!

I saw this great post on the FitFluential blog about showing your PROOF of being awesomesauce (eating healthy, working out etc.) and I gotta say I LOVE that idea! So here’s my proof that I practiced what I preach this week:

Monday – Went to spinning class at lunch with my co-worker:

Hot sweaty mess

Wednesday – went to BodyPump at lunch with my co-worker:

My FourSqaure Check-in from BodyPump Class

Thursday – Ran 4.99k on my lunch:

Lots of PROOF!

And on Saturday I played outside with the kids:

It was cold out - brrr!

On Sunday, I gotta admit I was a major Grump (with a capital G), so hubby sent me to the gym to get rid of the grumps (and he told me not to come home until I was cured). Instead of driving over, I decided to run over (2.5k) and then run back home (another 2.5k home). I didn’t want to do a boring old weight routine while I was there, and there weren’t any classes running, so I used the Nike Training Club app on my phone. Here’s my proof:

Side plank on an exercise ball

This week I’m planning on pretty much doing the same workouts – maybe I’ll add in some more running, perhaps with a 5k on my lunch on Tuesday and a 10k run on Saturday. Here’s my plan:

Monday: Spinning class
Tuesday: 5k easy run
Wednesday: BodyPump Class
Thursday: 5k easy run
Saturday: 10k run
Sunday: Run to the gym, do a Nike Training Club Workout, then run home

Yay! I’m so glad that my roller coaster was smoother this week – and I’m looking forward to an even better one next week!

Have a great week guys!

PS – I redesigned my blog on Saturday – what do you think of it?

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