Motivation Monday: You Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet

Hey guys! How’ve you been? Did you have a Happy Valentine’s Day? I got to spend mine with my 3 beautiful little ladies – we went for a nice dinner and at home I treated them to pedicures. I soaked their feet, trimmed their toenails and painted their cute little toesies :)

I had a great week and pretty much followed my training program to a T! It’s been a long time since I’ve done that – something always comes up causing me to miss a run or workout somewhere throughout the week. I’m healthy, feeling strong and so ready for the half marathon in two weeks from now! I’m optimistic that I’ll reach my goal of finishing in less than 2 hours – my running pace has been fairly fast lately, but I’m not sure I can maintain the pace I need over the full 13.1 miles. I guess only time will tell, right?


Well I’ve kind of had a bad week in the eating department…. Actually it was horrendous! Lucky Charms for breakfast, 3 cupcakes on Valentine’s Day, dinners out, etc… I made the mistake of stepping on the scale a week ago and discovered that I’d lost a fair amount of weight over the past 6 weeks of training (I only weigh myself occasionally). At this point I need to be maintaining my weight – for overall health and for optimal sport performance. Unfortunately I haven’t fully graduated to that point of complete self-acceptance. It’s a hard thing for us all, and I struggle with it like anyone else. So seeing that number on the scale told me “Hey Janice – you’ve been awesome lately and deserve a reward”. But what it really should have done is remind me that I need to eat MORE – which is correct, because of my training I need to be eating more GOOD foods – not sugar-laden foods devoid of nutritional content. I need more protein and vegetables, and whole grains to make up that caloric deficit.


I made the image above so that I can print it out and hang it near my desk at work. Work is where I make the majority of my bad food choices, especially in the afternoon after my lunch workouts. Part of my problem has been planning – or LACK of food planning. I’ve been grabbing just a few things from the kitchen at home for my lunches, but not enough to satisfy my hunger. Instead of heading to the cafeteria to find some healthy options, I’ve been heading to the “treat counter”. You know the one where everyone shares treats and stuff from home….


I really want to kick some half marathon ass in two weeks from now and in order to recover properly from my training, and to perform optimally I need to fuel my body properly. So this week I’m I’ve following some of my past advice, such as preparing for the week ahead, and packing a big lunch in order to meet my goals.

Training… Here are my training accomplishments from last week:

Monday: 45 min lunch spinning class (rode 18 k – a new personal best)
Tuesday: 8k tempo run
Wednesday: BodyPump
Thursday: 5k run easy run
Friday: 5k easy
Saturday: 19k (last super long training run before the half marathon) BodyPump class – I skipped my run because we woke up to a couple of inches of fresh snow and my feet don’t do well with wet snow (I get some crazy a$$ blisters), so instead I decided to post-pone my run to Monday, because it’s a Family Day in Ontario and I won’t have to work.
Sunday: REST

And here are my training goals for this week:

Monday: 19 k training run Legs felt AWESOME so I ran as fast as I could and kept going beyond 19k – I ended up running 21.1k (a half marathon) in 2 hrs and 43 sec – 13 sec slower than my personal best.
Tuesday: 8k tempo run
Wednesday: BodyPump
Thursday: 5k run easy run
Friday: 5k easy
Saturday: 10 – 15k (My training plan has 19k on it, but I think that’s too far to run the week before a race)
Sunday: REST

This week I’ll be moving forward with the mantra:
You can’t out-train a bad diet. What will be your mantra this week?

Have a great week!

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    Eating healthy and making changes to your lifestyle does not mean you have to go to the extremes.

    Living a healthy lifestyle is not as hard as people think…get the knowledge by reading this article.

    Looking forward on it.

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    Thanks for the great article!

    So many of my clients thought they could eat whatever they wanted as long as they exercised. Once they realized that a proper diet was 80% of their success in weight loss the pounds came off and stayed gone.
    Will´s last post ..Eat Carbs, Lose Weight!My Profile

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    Good luck on the half marathon, Janice. Not sexist at all, but it’s the first time I actually hear a woman express frustration over losing a few pounds :-)
    As far as the eating is concerned, we all make bad choices every now and then; they only serve to remind us that we are humans!
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    I make the majority of my poor food decisions in the afternoon at work, too. It’s that dang candy dish that’s always filled in my office (right now it’s discount Valentines Day candy), and it’s the “2:00 slump”. The sign you’ve created is great – an EXCELLENT reminder. I don’t want to undo all the hard work I did at the gym before I got to work!

    Great post … kudos on all of the fantastic training you’ve done!
    Yellow Haired Girl´s last post ..Working DayMy Profile

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    When I was running in high school, I wish I knew more about nutrition. I was never fully hydrated and ate horrible things, not even understanding that they were bad! I shudder to think of all the processed food that my young body survived on. How much better could I have performed if I had fruits and veggies? I’m so glad I know now what I didn’t know then. I feel fabulous!
    Tammy´s last post ..Good for MeMy Profile