Motivation Monday: Planning for Success

Hey guys!  It’s time again for my Mamavation Monday post for April 9, 2012.

I have to apologize in advance for this being such a short and sweet post.  You see, I’ve been going to bed too late to be successful with my exercise plans.  I’m walking up super tired, and barely able to function and focus at work.  I’m pretty sure it’s very related to how much time I spend in the evenings drafting posts and participating in twitter parties. *YAWN* So this week I’m planning ahead for success.  I’m going to bed by 10, I’ve planned out our meals, and I’ve planned out my exercise for the week:

Monday: Spinning class
Tuesday: easy 5k run
Wednesday: BodyPump
Thursday: easy 5k run
Friday: easy 8k run
Saturday: 8am BodyPump Class
Sunday: 10k run

This week’s #PROOF:
As you may be able to tell from my plan for this week, I’m starting to get off the roller coaster that has been plaguing me since the half marathon I ran a month ago.  On Monday I missed my spinning class because of a meeting, but I went to the gym anyways and did a 10 min elliptical warm up and did a bicep weights circuit:


Working on my mama guns

Then on Tuesday I got out for a 5k run:

I was so tired on Tuesday

Then Wednesday I went to BodyPump (I have no proof bc I forgot to bring my phone into class with me).  Thursday I went for a walk (again no proof), and Friday was our 8 year wedding anniversary so instead of working out I celebrated it with a nice dinner out with my hubby and had this for dessert:


Finally on Saturday I felt a bit guilty for the massive dessert so I let my feet dragged me for a 6.63k run followed by a great stretch afterwards:


I’m really hoping that this coming week will be better with some extra sleep and my PLAN for SUCCESS.  I’m kinda getting sick of being a phony – telling y’all to exercise and eat clean when I’m sitting on the couch stealing my kids easter chocolate.  Anyways – it’s 10pm (aka my bedtime) so I better sign off.

Have a GREAT week everyone!

Question: What are YOUR plans for this week?

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  1. says

    Happy belated anniversary. I feel that way too sometimes. I feel like im sleep deprive and i know sleep is a big essential part of my diet. Need to get to be early. I hope you have a good week!
    Marie Nichols´s last post ..I’m Only Human…My Profile

  2. says

    Man, your momma guns rock! I love your #proof pictures, but I think I can forgive you for missing the BodyPump one LOL! Happy Anniversary! I love the idea of making a standard bed time for yourself, I totally need to do that too. And a standard wake up time. It’s like whenever I try to wake up early before the kids, they’re already awake. Except when I have to go somewhere in the morning, then they’re still sleeping LOL anyway, I hope you have an awesome week!
    Joanna´s last post ..Transitions Cares for Children’s Visual HealthMy Profile

  3. says

    I too have been plagued by going to bed too late UGH! and then sluggish all darn day. You have a great plan and I love when you share because it reminds us (or me at least) that we have to make sure our priorities are in place… I needed that reminder. THANKS LOVE!!!

    (also – I agree with MizFit… we ARE lucky to have you :) )
    Shelley (´s last post ..#mamavation Monday… on a Tuesday…My Profile

  4. says

    I am embarking on a crazy journey of discipline this week
    and who knows what else…
    sleep would be nice…for some reason my normal sound 4 hrs has now turned into tossing 2 hrs :(
    here’s to you getting rested!!!
    Tara Burner´s last post ..Discipline is…My Profile