A Workout is a Workout… Right?

Yesterday I had this GREAT plan to go to spinning class and then attend the CxWorks class afterwards during my lunch time – though don’t ask me what CxWorks is because I didn’t make it to the gym in time :( BOO! I saw it on the schedule and thought, Hey! That would fit in perfectly right after my spinning class. Unfortunately I had a meeting that went long and caused me to miss out, which then left me with only an hour in between meetings for lunch. So I scarfed down the lunch I brought and walked as quickly as I could with my workout clothes to the gym near my work. I got changed and made the most out of the little bit of time that I had by doing 10 min on the elliptical:

Don't you love my self-portraits?

Then working out my biceps through a quick little circuit:

Check out my mamaguns!

Here’s my “Mama Guns” workout:

I’m proud – I could have stayed at my desk and surfed around the ‘net for my lunch, but instead I made the most of it. Two weeks ago I would have sat & did nothing, made some excuses, etc…. Today I got a short workout in. It wasn’t much, but a workout is a workout, right?

Question: What’s your go-to workout when you’re short on time?

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    A workout is a workout! I had a 6AM workout today … and at 6:30, I remembered that I also had an appointment that I needed to be showered and ready and there for at 8AM. So I kicked it into high gear and got the same workout done that I usually would, but a lot faster! Whew!
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    When I?m in a rush (and, let?s face it, when am I not?!), I just stick to the treadmill. I try to do a 5 min warm up, 10 mins jogging/brisk walking, 10 mins walking while doing bicep curls, and 5 mins cool down. Finish it up with a quick 10 min stretch before heading off to wherever I need to go!
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