Happy People are Beautiful

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When I was in my teens I read the book “Little Girl Lost” by Drew Barrymore. I was intrigued because she and I are the  same age, however our upbringings are drastically different (obviously – she’s famous, I’m not the least bit). I was very curious, how could someone with fame and fortune be so self-destructive? It quickly became clear to me as I read her book that money doesn’t buy happiness – something that had never occurred to me when I was young.  I believed that rich and famous people were also very happy, but my eyes were suddenly opened.  I also realized that being happy is what makes people beautiful, inside and out. People LIKE being around happy people.

Drew herself said it best:

Quote by drew Barrymore

Drew’s words stuck with me through my teen years and my twenties – I was happy and felt beautiful. However,  I quickly forgot them as I became a mother. For the first few years I dwelled upon the things that I used to do but could no longer do (at least by myself).  I wasn’t even considering how much awesomeness my daughter was bringing to my life – I was too focused on me and what I felt I was missing out on (like being able to play in weekend long softball tournaments, the loss of my freedom, etc). I’m sure this is something every new mother goes through.  

Then one day, tired of being unhappy, I decided to choose happiness.


Happiness is a choice – it’s a choice we can make every single day.  It’s choosing to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. For me, being happy comes from being grateful for all the little amazing things in life:

  • The sweet giggles of happiness from my daughter when she wakes up in the night and sneaks into my bed to sleep with me.
  • Finding random love notes that me older daughters leave me around the house.
  • A hot cup of coffee in the morning (sometimes brought to me in bed by my hubby!).
  • The chirping of the birds outside my window in the Spring.
  • The loud hum of the snowplow clearing the street so I can get to work.
  • Having a job, that I love (bonus!).
  • When my daughter sneaks in to the bathroom to have a shower with me – it makes me feel so special!
  • Watching my kids grow, develop and play with each other.
  • Being able to run, yes even in the cold!

As you can see, it really is the small things that bring happiness, and I’m sure I could go on and on, but what I really want to know is….

What makes YOU happy? How do YOU choose happiness?

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      Feel free to jump into the challenge & use the prompt, I’d love to hear how another working mom fits fitness in!

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      There’s nothing wrong with being a bit late – I set this up as a 3x/week challenge for that reason, thanks for joining in!

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      Thanks for joining in Jennifer! I really liked your post but couldn’t figure out how to comment on it so I tweeted it out. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better through the challenge & writing prompts.

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        Medium comment system is along the side of the post itself. It will pop up a small comment box in green with a “+” in it. Thanks for tweeting it out though. Much appreciated. Looking forward to your tweets as well.

        I’ll probably be using Medium for some of the shorter posts and WordPress for the others. Looking forward to reading your next post. :)

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      Thanks for joining in Courtney! I’m looking forward to getting to know you better through the challenge & writing prompts.

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    This one has not been an easy one… I’m thankful for my gratitude journal that reminds me of how blessed I am when I cannot see it all the time… It really is the very simple things in life..?
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