The Perfect 15 Min Do Anywhere Workout For When You’re Traveling

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, one thing is clear; you’re probably not thinking about you’re exercise routine. Yet if you really want to build and maintain that rock hard set of abs, you’re going to need to focus on getting some type of exercise while you’re away from your normal gym.

No Gym Available
Of course, you can always try to find a gym on the road but you may not want to spend the money. Many gyms also try to get you sign up for a membership with them and that might not be what you honestly want. It would therefore be a lot more time and financially efficient to focus on short workouts that you can do in your own hotel room.

So let’s set your parameters: You won’t want to go with a lot of equipment because you’re probably running with very limited space. This means that you have to avoid the barbells, but something like a jump rope wouldn’t be a bad idea.

15 minutes is Ideal
You also want to make sure that your workout will fit within a short time limit — if you try to go with a long workout, you’ll end up missing the activities that had you traveling in the first place. Because of that, 15 minutes would be an ideal workout length — if you want to do it twice a day rather than once a day, you can definitely do that as well.

The Power of HIIT
Bodyweight exercises done with a HIIT mindset are the best way to make the most out of a short time. HIIT? Let’s go over that real fast. We’re talking about high intensity interval training.

HIIT isn’t a new concept, as it’s been practiced by top athletes and even casual fitness fans for a very long time. It’s all about maximum effort in a short burst of time, some short rest, then more effort for the next interval. Here is a 15 minutes HIIT workout you can easily do when traveling:

Bodyweight Exercises
When it comes to bodyweight exercises, try to go with the fundamentals. This way when you return to your normal gym equipment, you will still see gains because your muscles have been regularly activated while you were traveling. The basics include squats, dips, lunges, pushups, sit ups, and pull ups. Many destinations have plenty of open parks and playgrounds, so you can probably find a pull up bar somewhere..

Example of a 15 Minute Workout When Travelling
This 15 minute workout is ideal for your main muscle groups while you are travelling. Yes, 15 minutes might sound short but it is a pretty efficient and challenging cardio, guaranteed!