Skinnygrape Spritzers Review and Giveaway

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I had some exciting news to announce regarding my participation in the Iron Girl Canada triathlon?  Well guess what?  It’s finally time to announce that news… Meet my Iron Girl Canada sponsor:



Skinnygrape is one of the official sponsors of Iron Girl Canada, and when they approached me to ask if they could sponsor me for the race I knew instantly that this was a match made in heaven.  I love Skinnygrape Wine and Wine Spritzers, and I love triathlon.  Afterall, there’s nothing better than relaxing with a nice glass of wine by the pool after a hard swim workout.


Every summer I gain weight – not from inactivity, or from overeating (well, OK maybe some of it is from too many potato chips and burgers) but the rest of it is from indulging in my favourite beverage while entertaining guests by the pool: wine.  Ahhhhh there’s nothing more refreshing than relaxing with a nice cold wine spritzer or a glass of wine on a summer’s day.  Without realising it, each glass of wine I consumed was packing on an extra 125 calories* (based on a 5oz glass). And before I know it 1 glass turns into 3 and I’ve now consumed 375 extra calories.  

Skinnygrape Spritzers solve that problem for me.  Each bottle has only 90 calories, 0 grams of carbohydrates, and 0 grams of fat. The best part about the spritzers is that they have no sugar in them! They are sweetened with Stevia (a natural sugar substitute) and are also naturally flavoured. Skinnygrape Spritzers are made with fortified wine and contain 4% alcohol, which is about the same as other spritzers and coolers. Skinnygrape spritzers are for health-conscious gals who want a delicious cold summer beverage that’s low-cal, but doesn’t compromise on flavour.  They come in three amazing flavours: 

Strawberry PineappleSG_Spritz_StCarrier_4C300

Blueberry PomegranateSG_Spritz_BlCarrier_4C300

And Key Lime LemonadeSG_Spritz_LiCarrier_4C300

My personal favourite is the blueberry pomegranate. It’s nice and light, which is very enjoyable on a summer’s day after a swim workout.  The Key Lime Lemonade was a bit tart for my liking and the Strawberry Pineapple was a bit sweet for my tastes, but that may be because I’ve given up sugar and have adjusted to not requiring any extra sweetness to foods or drinks.  I really liked the wine taste in them compared to the flavour of a cooler.  A four-pack of these can be picked up from any Wine Shop for a mere $9.95. 

Giveaway Time!

As part of my sponsorship, skinnygrape has generously offered a wonderful skinnygrape prize pack for TWO lucky Fitness Cheerleader readers!  Each awesome prize pack includes:

  • a skinnygrape green tin bucket
  • a skinnygrape branded umbrella
  • a skinnygrape branded beach towel
  • and a $25 gift card to the wine store!

photo 4

To enter, simply complete the Rafflecopter form below before 11:59 pm August 11, 2014. 
This giveaway is open to Canadian residents only.


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Good luck!

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  1. Bailey Dexter says

    I would love to open a refreshing Skinny Grape Spritzer on the weekend when the kids are sleeping over at Nana’s. I would be lounging in the back yard with my feet up enjoying the quiet time!

  2. Colleen says

    We have a weekend place near Gravenhurst. I would love to kick back and open a Skinnygrape there!