Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon #STWM Week #7 Training Recap

Happy Monday guys!  We are back from vacation and I feel so rested and relaxed!  Thankfully today is a holiday in Ontario so I’m able to get caught up on some “fun” things like laundry, cleaning the fridge (a really gross job after vacation), grocery shopping and cleaning the neglected pool.  

Our vacation was great and I managed to get a bit of running and fitness in.  Hubby was very accommodating of my training but truth be told I think that’s because it gave him some quiet time without me talking his ears off.  The part that I liked best about our vacation was being able to run somewhere new and to discover roads and sites near our hotel that I wouldn’t have normally found.  

Monday: I headed out for a 5k run around Saratoga Springs with the goal of finding as many painted horse statues as I could find.  I managed to find 5.


Tuesday: Strength day – I did a very short strength circuit workout in our B&B room: pushups, planks, step back lunges, squats, hamstring bridges, single leg deadlifts, tricep dips etc.  Basically I did every single body weight exercise I could think of.  

Wednesday: Went for a run to explore Saratoga Spa State park.  I was aiming for a 6.5 k run but got distracted at the park and ended up running 9k. I was late getting back to the B&B so that we could check out and head to the Saratoga Race Course but only by about 6 min. Ooops!


Thursday: Went for a quick 7k run around Mirror Lake in Lake Placid, NY.  The views of the mountains around the lake were gorgeous!!


Friday: Drove up to near the top of Whiteface Mountain, then hiked the last 500m of the mountain with my hubby.  I was so proud of him for hiking with me!


Saturday: Last day of vacation.  Headed out for a 9k around Mirror Lake, then did a short strength circuit in the hotel gym consisting: of goblet squats, single leg deadlifts and step back lunges.


Sunday: Rest day – was reunited with my babies, went swimming with them, then we drove the 6 hours home from Ottawa.

All in all it was an ok training week but probably not enough to counter-act all the vacation eating :)  This week will be a pretty low-key week because I’ll be doing the Iron Girl Canada triathlon on Sunday (which reminds me: don’t forget to enter my Skinnygrape giveaway from my Iron Girl Canada sponsor, Skinnygrape Spritzers!). 

Have a great week everyone!

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    I so look forward to vacation every year to find new running routes! Those views in Lake Placid look gorgeous. Good luck with your triathlon, I look forward to reading about it.
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