The Road to Boston: Week 16

Happy Monday everyone!! I am absolutely WIPED from my weekend, even though I didn't find time to make it to the gym. The girls had a hockey practice and two hockey games, plus Amber had gymnastics and I took everyone swimming on Saturday afternoon. I feel like our weekends are over-run with kid activities. How was your weekend?

This week I really struggled with my motivation. I've felt tired and lethargic, and I've had a bad case of the “I don't wannas”. Part of it is the weather, who on earth wants to run outside in the cold, or the slush or whatever crappy weather?!? The other part of it is nutrition and sleep.

As I said in my post on Friday, my morning routine of a black coffee and Fruit Loops isn't doing me any favours. My lunches & dinners have quite honestly not been much better. I really need to get organised and ensure that I have the food that I need for the week purchased and prepped on Sunday and to motivate myself perhaps li should ink up on Sunday nights with Mommy Run Fast's Meal Plan linky? I'll set that as my goal for next week.

eat clean

The training recap:

Tuesday: 6k run at lunch
: went for the fitness assessment that I won
: lunch spinning with super hot Craig (instructor)
Friday: 6k run at lunch (watched the Canada/US Olympic hockey game
Saturday: long run day, 10-15k?
Sunday: Do the Valentine’s Day Kettlebell HIIT workout?

Not a stellar week, though the fact that I may have found the coach/personal trainer that I've been looking for is a bonus!

Total for this week: 12k
16 week total: 299k

This week I'm really not sure what to plan. Today I have my free workout with Personal Trainer Mike, and on Sunday I'm “running” the Chilly Half Marathon. I love spinning, so I'll try and make it to class on Thursday, and will aim to do a short run on Tuesday.

I'm kind of tired of whining about not being able to find my workout mojo, so I hope things (pricing) works out with the personal trainer – I really want to get back to kicking some workout butt and eating like a champion!


Have a great week everyone!

Question: Do you have a case of the winter blahs too?


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    Never mind “winter blahs”, it is summer here and I lose my motivation all the time, from one day to the next. It is a very fickle thing this motivation drive. I now use the Another Mother Runner mantra of “Don’t think, just go.” It helps being a morning person – you get it out of the way quick – you don’t have the day to talk yourself out of it. I also have my training plan on the fridge for my family to see and hold myself accountable. You will get back there Janice. Sometimes you just need to have a rest and allow the blah to be. You’ll be kicking butt again this week, especially once you ditch the fruit loops (lol). Come on, you are my inspiration – go out there and inspire me, I dare you. :-) xxx
    Roz Batson´s last post ..Mob MentalityMy Profile

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    I am so so sick of -18, -20 degree weather. Really crossing my fingers this is the last week of that kind of cold! I want spring weather! The change in the seasons may help a bit, if spring hurries up and arrives.

    When I’m having motivation issues I think it’s helpful to focus on one thing at a time. So diet or exercise as the main focus, and generally I find as one improves the other naturally follows.
    Emma´s last post ..Mississauga Marathon training: Week 5My Profile

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    I’ve had the winter blahs for the last few days and have not been motivated to do much of anything. I did manage to make 3 birthday cards this week though. Right now I’m reading 50 Shades of Done With Winter!! LOL It’s a gorgeous sunshiny day out today so I think I will go for a 20 minute walk. Maybe that will help me get over the blahs. I’ll have to walk on the road though, as all the sidewalks in our neighbourhood are icy.
    Anna´s last post ..Freshly made Sketches #122My Profile

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    I think everyone in North America (living above Florida!) has a case of the winter blahs, you are definitely not alone. Maybe consider visiting a sports nutritionist or dietician for some advice about properly fueling yourself for the amount of activity you do. Even on a ‘bad’ week, you’re expending a lot of energy, and are definitely more active than most people. I think you for sure might have more energy for your busy life if you start your day without Toucan Sam ;)
    Erica´s last post ..Ethiopian Berbere Chicken and Lentil Stew (Vegan Option)My Profile

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    I have the winter blahs… the only thing saving me right now is that I am eating healthy, otherwise I would be putting on the weight. I love, love, love the quote my May Angelo u, I am a sucker for quotes :)

    You will get it back… this winter has been awful for the never ending bad weather, have a great week ahead Janice :)
    Launna´s last post ..I’ve Been Looking My Whole LifeMy Profile