The Post-Race Blues and Moving Forward

This is a rare Saturday night post from me – but I’ve got some thoughts in my little head that I need to share with y’all…

It happened again… The post-race blues. This happens to me with every.single.race. I put so much effort into training that after the race not only am I ready for a break, I also feel blue. Tell me, does this happen to you too? How do you combat it?

Thankfully I had the foresight to register for a 30k race which is only 2 weeks away. But even with that race looming over my head I kinda feel blue and I’ve lost that loving feeling when it comes to my running. Tomorrow I’m running 20k with Emma – and I’m looking forward to it lighting a fire under my butt – I only have 1 good week to “train” for the 30k. After that I need to come up with a plan – I’m bound and determined not to take 6 weeks off of running, then try to find my mojo again when start training for something else. I’m also not willing to lose the conditioning I have. I HATE when I do that to myself – yet I do it all the time. Heck, I did it twice last year, yet miraculously I pulled off a new PR last week.

Eating wise I’ve fallen off the wagon. With no weight left to lose it’s hard to motivate myself. Thankfully hubby came home with Tosca Reno’s Eat-Clean Diet Recharged book:

I haven’t been able to put it down – It has a lot of reasons for me to KEEP on eating clean. It’s precisely the motivation I need. I know that I lost the 25lbs by eating clean – and quite honestly, unless I keep with it, I’m going to gain it all back and won’t be able to figure out why I can’t run as fast. Thank you hubby! (Admittedly he bought the book for himself, but I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll be the only one who reads it).

I really wish he had bought the companion books:


Clean eating will definitely be what I need in order to break this newly set PR.


This week I’m off from work for 3 days and I’ve got BIG plans… Cleaning plans. I need to purge like 50% of our stuff because we have WAY too much crapola. In my post-race blues I’ve become a cranky mama.. picking up complete JUNK that the kids haul out pisses me right off. I started today by cleaning/sorting/purging the main floor. And here’s my plans for the rest of the week(I’m sharing with you to keep me accountable):

Day 1 – clean/sort/purge the girls bedrooms.
Day 2 – clean/sort/purge the basement
Day 3 – have a kick butt awesome day with my girls – maybe a public swimming session & a run together.

I’m really hoping that taking CONTROL of the mess in my house also helps with the blues.

QUESTION: Have you ever experienced the post-race blues?

All the best in health and fitness,

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  1. says

    No post race blues for me, as I’ve never run a race I needed to train for, but I totally get the clean eating thing! It’s made a huge difference in our lives.
    And as for de-cluttering- GO GIRL! I’m in the midst of it right now,too.
    Wendy´s last post ..Feeling Discouraged

  2. says

    I try to eat clean and find other ways to keep me motivated to maintain my weight loss. I feel like losing weight was so much easier than keeping it off. But I keep my spirits up by changing things up and not letting myself get bored.
    Amber K´s last post ..The A to Z of Me

  3. says

    One thing I consistently like about you, is the honesty you keep in your posts. Not everyone admits that they have some clean ups to do RE: their diet. It’s refreshing that you let your readers know that we are all humans, and as is, “cleaning up” our acts is what makes us better ;-)
    I love your green monster smoothie recipe. Shows to prove that you were really following your words with decisive actions!
    Great going!
    Kodjo´s last post ..Health Benefits to Having a Dog