Have You Hugged a Runner Yet Today?

Today’s post is just a quick reminder that today is the second annual G.O.H.A.R.D. (Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day) started by the fine fellas at Run The Edge.

So today I’m sending a whole pile of virtual hugs out to:

My long run training partner Emma:


Krysten of Darwinian Fail:

@RozBatson and @VirgoMommy:

Morgan from Life After Bagels:

((And to all of you!))

Not sure what to do? Here are 4 ways you can participate too:

1. Wear running shoes all day long. If possible, wear an old race bib. If you see someone wearing these items, run up and give them a hug!*

2. Organize a group hug with your training group. (Don’t forget the pics!)

3. Send every runner you know a virtual hug by enclosing their names in double brackets like this ((Emma, Rachel, and Stephanie)).

4. Commit random acts of hugging.

Happy Hugging Everyone!!


* Admittedly I did not run up to the random runners I saw while I was doing my run outside at lunch today because I was afraid that I’d get myself arrested for harassment or something.

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