Baby Amber is Here!

Amber Jordan - 7lbs 8oz - November 2, 2010 at 9:07 pm

I had big aspirations of sharing Amber’s birth story with you today, but my midwives just stopped by to check on Amber and I, and I was advised to lay down & rest more (I’ve been doing too much apparently). I also need to wake up Amber to nurse as much as possible because like my oldest daughter, Amber is jaundiced. It’s a moderate case of jaundice that should clear up with lots of nursing. So alas, I’m retreating back into my cuddle-fest with Amber.

Here is slideshow of a few pics for you to enjoy until I’m able to follow up this post with her super fast birth story: (EDIT: Here is Amber’s Birth Story)

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      Thanks Paula,

      That’s kinda embarrassing, a wordpress plugin that promotes old posts when life gets too busy to write, did that – oooops! You are absolutely correct though – I do owe you and everyone else an update on Amber. Her next weigh-in is on the 8th of March so perhaps after that? She’s got some new tricks to show… maybe a vlog would be best?

      All the best in health and fitness,

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    She’s adorable!! I’d enjoy all the cuddle time & rest time I could get at that stage of everything!! Hope you get the rest you need & she gets rid of the jaundice quickly! At least it’s not bad! Our first daughter was 10 weeks early & had the “bili lights” on her for a while in the NICU. We have pics of her there & my mom said she looked like she was sunbathing with how bright the lights were & b/c they had a patch over her eyes that could be like sunglasses!

    Anyway, I hope all goes well & take your time getting to the blog!!
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    Awwwwwwwww. Gorgeousness and cuddly wonderful cute precious perfect baby.

    Take good care of her mom for us and I look forward to reading about that story in a couple weeks ;)