My Fitness Assessment Results

As I wrote on Wednesday, I won a fitness assessment and personal trainer session from a draw at my gym. So on Wednesday at lunch I met the Personal Trainer (Mike) to discuss my current training, my goals, and to assess my current fitness levels. Sigh.

I admit that I’m disappointed in my results.

At the same time I wasn’t the least bit surprised. How can I expect to have the results of a peak performing athlete if i don’t train or eat like an athlete? I doubt that our Gold Medal Women’s Olympic Hockey team starts their days off with a big bowl of Lucky Charms like I do…


Overall I’m in the healthy range – everything about me is text-book… except I have goals.  Goals that can be more easily met if I  increase my VO2 max, decrease my body fat, increase lean muscle and perhaps lose a few pounds.  I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon!!

So Mike and I discussed my goals – and how to get there.  That was the nice part of my assessment – he didn’t make any comments about my size nor think that my goals were unrealistic.  Mr. Mike, as well as being a CPT, also holds a Kinesiology degree, has experience with triathletes, and has spent some time working in a sport performance center – yay!  And he was EXCITED to help me!  

My Fitness Assessment Results:

  • Height: 5 ft 2
  • Weight: 123.5 lbs 
  • Body fat %: 28.5 (close to the high-end of the “healthy” range for my age)
  • Resting heart rate: 72 bpm (I actually have tested it on my HRM consistently at 65 bpm)
  • Blood pressure: 120/80 (normal)

After taking my vitals, talking training, and goals, Mike continued the assessment by testing me for muscle imbalances.  This was definitely a unique part of the assessment, and probably the part that sold me on him.  He realised that if I keep training my imbalances they’ll get worse and will lead to injury.  Mike told me his initial plan was to work on eliminating the imbalances, such as strengthening my weak glute medius muscles, and increasing my ankle flexibility (the result of having both of my legs in casts due to stress fractures 13 yrs ago) so that I can be a better runner.  Mike also tested a bunch of other imbalances, though the one that stuck out the most were the two that I just mentioned.

Overall I was pleased that I *think* I’ve found the right coach/personal trainer combo that I’ve been looking for.  You might remember when I tried online coaching – That didn’t work out for me.  The workouts were great, but the training plan completely did not take into account my life (who on earth can do a two-hour long run on a Tuesday?!? Nor did it take into account my triathlon training.  The coach also didn’t check-in with me as much as I thought a coach probably should.  The other personal training attempt that I’ve made was the Kettlebell/TRX fusion guy.  He knew a lot about strength training, and worked me hard, but he didn’t seem to know too much about how I could fit his training into an overall marathon/triathlon training schedule when I asked.  I’ll give this Mike guy the benefit of the doubt and see how my Monday personal training session goes (and how much this will cost….) before making my decision.  All in all, I know I need help getting to my goal, I just don’t know what that help is, yet.

Do you have a coach or a personal trainer?
When was the last time you had a fitness assessment?

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    YESSSS the muscle imbalances are HUGE and I think it’s awesome you found a guy ready to pay attention to that! Right now I’m pretty happy with all my fitness assessments…um except my strength. I still can’t do a pull up or very many push ups. Need to work on it!
    Amanda – RunToTheFinish´s last post ..Top 9 Podcasts for RunningMy Profile

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    Thanks for talking about your online coaching. I’ve given that some thought, bc I feel like I’d benefit from a coach and I’m such a sucker for everything online, that online coaching feels like it might fit.

    But I definitely don’t have time for a 2 hr run on a Tuesday. lol Onto the next idea. :-\
    Jillian @ Baby Doodah!´s last post ..Preparing Your Toddler for a MoveMy Profile

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    I’ve never had an assessment by a trainer because I’m scared of what they would tell me! I have had a blood panel done by WellnessFX that was very telling and helped me dial in my diet an supplementation a bit better.

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      I think the blood test probably is a better indicator of your overall health and that we typically ignore those measurements unless we’re currently experiencing medical problems. Great job on being proactive about your wellness! Nutrition is my biggest struggle.

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    I wouldn’t feel too bad, especially about the % body fat. How did he assess this? Most methods used in gyms are extremely inaccurate with a large margin of error.
    Erica´s last post ..Good MorningsMy Profile

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      Great point Erica! He used a scale thing. I’d like to use that estimated number as a baseline and try to get it lower while I work to increase my lean muscle mass. I took a Fitness Assessment class so long ago that those things that measure electrical impedance were just coming out to the market. We learned how to do skinfold testing with calipers – and discussed the pros and cons of the Yuhasz vs Durnin methods. I even volunteered to go in the dunk tank for hydrostatic underwater weighing. I think my bodyfat % back then was about 22 or 23. It would be really nice to get back there – back to the fitness level that I had when I was 22.
      Janice´s last post ..I Need A ChangeMy Profile

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    I don’t know when the last time I Have had a fitness assessment.

    I have worked with a personal trainer before, but wsn’t too impressed with her so I stopped.

    I have worked with a running coach the past two marathon training cycles and I have LOVED the accountability with that. ;0
    rachel @RunningRachel´s last post ..Finding time to LOVE MeMy Profile

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    I’ll admit, I’ve never had a fitness assessment. I’ve always wanted to but I have really doubted the quality of assessment I’d get at my old gym. I know if I could find the right trainer, it would benefit me and prevent injuries like the one I just can’t shake so I could meet my goals.
    Steph (@fitmomtraining)´s last post ..Happy Birthday Fit Boy!My Profile

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      Unfortunately I don’t think the imbalance checking is part of a standard CPAFLA fitness test, I think I just lucked out and found an experienced trainer with a Kin degree. Checking for imbalances and working on those could also be something your Physio could help with. I hope your knee is better soon!

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      Unfortunately I don’t think the imbalance checking is part of a standard CPAFLA fitness test, I think I just lucked out and found a trainer with a Kin degree.

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      Seeing my body fat %age was a big eye opener for me – I don’t care too much about my weight as that doesn’t tell the whole story, but body composition does.

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    When I had my fitness assessment, the trainer said that I was in fantastic shape… for a coma patient. C’MON! WHY’D YOU HAVE TO ADD THAT LAST BIT?!?!?!

    Good call on the breakfast cereal; you’d better send it all to my house so you won’t be tempted.
    Jack Sh*t´s last post ..I Just Realized Something…My Profile