I Need A Little Help from My Friends

Hey everyone!

I have to apologize †” this blog post is a little different from my usual informative, motivational post…

A few weeks ago, my personal trainer approached me about fitnesscheerleader.com.  His opinion was that overall it ‘s great, but there ‘s one problem †” I ‘m not generating any revenue for the amount of time I obviously put into it.  Now at first I was like, who cares?  I don ‘t really want to make money †” I just want to motivate people and see them do well.  Which is a fine and admirable goal, right?

But of course his comments nagged at me for a few weeks †” he suggested I sell a product.  I thought long and hard about this, and brainstormed what I could possibly sell.  A motivational eBook?  A pre-natal fitness eBook?  Sorry †” I couldn ‘t see myself spending money on those, so why would anyone else? I don ‘t want to charge people to visit my site †” that ‘s a quick turn-off in my opinion. (Though I could use eBooks as a way to get people to sign up for my newsletter….).  Then I got to thinking about my power walks…..

You see, now that running has become tougher for this preggo mama I ‘ve begun doing a walk around the park on my lunch hours with hand weights.  But I don ‘t just carry the weights †” I do an upper body strength routine while I carry the weights.  I need to keep my arms in shape for carrying my baby :)  I also alternate some fast and slow walking †” adding intervals for additional fat burning.  It ‘s a fantastic workout and keeps my walks fun.  So I thought †” maybe people would be interested in downloading a walk and tone mp3?  You know, an mp3 that you could download (for a small fee) from my site that will guide you through a great walking workout (set to some fabulous music of course)!  So I ‘ve begun the process of recording such an mp3, and building a sales section and affiliate section for my site.  As an added bonus, I will throw in a free eBook with every mp3 purchased :)

My product idea is great right? But now I need some help actually marketing my mp3 – oh isn ‘t marketing always the fun part?

And this is where you come in…

Below is a sign up form to be notified of when my walk and tone mp3 product is launched. If you sign-up, I ‘ll send you the download info for a free trial of it (once I ‘ve finished recording it) so that you can do a review of it on your site †” if you like it, perhaps you ‘ll do a giveaway? I ‘ll even provide a coupon code for your readers. And because I ‘m a blogger and I hate doing stuff for free without getting anything in return, I will set up anyone who does a review as an affiliate so that you ‘ll earn 25% of any sales you generate! Pretty sweet, eh?

So what are you waiting for? Sign up below so we can BOTH start earning some money!

Yes! I want to be notified when you launch your mp3:
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Thanks everyone for your support on this project :)

All the best,

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