Getting Fit With The Kids – How We Make It Fun!

A lot of my friends tell me they just don’t have time to exercise – usually their excuse reason is their kids.  I had that same excuse for many years too.  Then I came up with an idea…

We “play” fitness class.

Reach & Stretch!

Seriously we do – and the kids LOVE it!  When I declare that it’s time to play fitness class (usually when the kids begin to fight), the girls  stop fighting and eagerly run upstairs to get their skinny pants & t-shirts (aka their fiti-ness clothes) on while I wear get my exercise clothes on.  Then we each take turns being the “instructor”, and we play for about half an hour (sometimes longer).  The game lasts longer if I put some music on.

First comes our warm up.
My 3 yo Brooke is first being the leader (because she’s the youngest).  She makes us do jumping jacks in a circle, run in place and generally act silly – I consider this the warm up.

Then we stretch.
Next is 5 yo Sierra – she likes to lead the stretches, but she walks around like Jillian Michaels, putting her hands on us and “spotting” us to make sure we’re stretching properly.  Her favourite move is the splits and laughing at my poor pathetic version of the splits.  I’ve been teaching her other stretches too – like how to stretch our calves, hamstrings, quads, piriformis (butt), shoulders, tri’s bi’s etc.  I find that the girls are eager to learn.

Next we “strength” train.
This is my turn – the moves I do with them has to be simple, as they aren’t co-ordinated enough yet to follow complex dance/cardio moves, so instead I lead them through strength moves – walking lunges in the circle through the kitchen, dining and living rooms, many variations of push ups, planks, wall squats, hungarian lunges…. I generally lose their interest after 1 set, so we then switch to 5-10 min of them leading me through a cardio interval, then we’re back to strength.  While we do the strength moves, my 5 yo, who is pretty bossy, switches hats and becomes Tony Horten, asking me how many reps I’m going to do.

After two sets of strength, we’re all pretty tired, and energized :)  I also find that the girls love the role playing and it’s a great way for them to get some attention from mommy.  

Ooops :o Gotta go – the kids are starting to fight…  Time for me to play Fitness Class!

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  1. says

    This is a great idea! Not only do you get your exercise, you get to interact with your kids in a healthy way. Setting a good example for your kids is a great way to ensure they continue a healthy lifestyle.
    Love this post!

    • says

      Oh they will! They love being the leaders, playing with mommy (especially bossing her around), and everyone gets some exercise. Some days the game lasts 10 min, some days an hour!

      Have fun!