Your Healthiest Year Ever, Day 16: Plank it Out!

Hey guys! We’re half way through January already – how are you doing?

Today is Day 16 of the 31 Days to a Healthier You challenge!

31 Days to a Healthier You - Plank it out

Your challenge today is to start out lying on your stomach. Then prop yourself up on your toes and forearms, with your arms facing in front of you, and your hands together. Keep your body in a straight line. If your stomach slips toward the floor, you’re too tired. (Basically it looks like the gal in the picture). Do this three times today as LONG as you can.

Why is the plank exercise good for you?
The plank is one of the best exercises to do when you’re short on time because you get a lot of benefit out of it, not just for your abdominal and core strength, but also for your chest, shoulders, back, glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, tibialis anterior, etc… Basically it’s a quick strength exercise that you can do that works your WHOLE freaking body. Core strength increases your performance in almost all sports such as running, swimming, soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, skating etc… As well, it improves your posture which decreases back pain and helps you look thinner!

I ‘m really guilty of neglecting my core, but today I ‘ll be doing my planks in my bodypump class…

won’t you join me? 

Have a great day guys!

PS †” you can join the 31 Days to a Healthier You challenge anytime

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  1. says

    The Plank Exercies is effective when performed in the right postion. Sometimes I feel like my arms give out befor my core; and I have strong arms and shoulders; anyone have suggestions, maybe I am doing something wrong.
    Kevin´s last post ..Plank ExerciseMy Profile

  2. says

    I can’t get enough of my planks; regular plank, side plank, sphinx push ups, plank walk..OK Ok I’ll stop there ;-)

    If anyone has not tried a plank routine yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!

  3. says

    Getting a little late start, but looking forward to the next 22 days.

    Going to try a plank right now. I haven’t done one in a few years. This could be disastrous, but I’m going to try!

  4. says

    The idea of starting an exercise regime can be a big turn off for some people – me included!
    Especially when I have had a lay-off as I just have over the Christmas period.
    But the Plank?
    This is something I can do without any trouble.
    All I have to do is to lie flat on my stomach and then straighten up my arms.
    I’m off to “Plank” myself right now!