Wordless Wednesday: 4 Health Changes You Can Make Today


Drink more water: Have a bottle of water instead of soda pop. Sleep more: Go to bed 30 min earlier. Exercise more: Go for a 30 min walk after dinner with the kids, your spouse, the family dog or even by yourself. Admire the beauty of the world we live in. Eat more fruits and veggies: Have a salad with your dinner.       continue reading →

Wordless Wednesday: 10 Easy Clean Eating Recipes I Found on Pinterest


It's no secret - I'm in love with PINTEREST, so it makes perfect sense for me to go there for clean eating recipes now that I'm cleaning up my diet, right? Not expecting to find much, I was SHOCKED at how many great, and easy clean recipes I found. Not wanting to keep these gems private just for me, I thought I'd share them all here with you. So for your viewing and cooking pleasure I present to you: continue reading →

Wordless Wednesday: Some Motivation for Ya

Here's a pile of motivational images and sayings I found around the web this week that I thought I'd share with you - they all are based on my favourite saying: "You can have fitness or excuses, which do you choose?" What's your favourite motivational quote? continue reading →