The Fitness Advice That I Wish I Had Followed


Health and fitness advice is literally everywhere I turn: on TV, the newspaper, magazines, the doctor’s office, product packaging, social media, blogs, and even unsolicited from friends, family, co-workers random strangers etc… We are literally BOMBARDED with tips and tricks that will supposedly get us into the best shapes of our lives… FOREVER! Some tips are great, while some are not so great. Some have scientific research behind them, while others are based on myths. However, amongst all the rubbish tips, there have been two that I CONTINUE READING →

The Road to Boston: Week 12, the Non-Recap


* Cough * Cough * Hack * Hack * That is what I've literally looked like this past week, and there has therefore been absolutely no running.  There really hasn't been much of anything except my own whining. Oh my goodness... I HATE being sick!!! I've been so ill that I put my Pact App on pause so that I don't feel all stressed out worrying about fitting my three workouts in so that I don't have to pay.  Normally I love that the app forces my cheap-a$$ to workout, but not this week - I need to rest and recover so I can get back to CONTINUE READING →

The Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women’s Cancers #WEWCTO


Many of you have heard me speak fondly of my days spent bowling with my grandmother, Doris Luke: She was my dad's mom, and I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her growing up. She had a passion for: sports, especially softball (she was a catcher in the Toronto Beaches Ladies Church League), The Toronto Blue Jays, Wayne Gretzky and bowling (she was inducted into the Canadian 5-Pin Bowling Hall of Fame as a result of her bowling prowess). But more important than her love of softball and bowling was her passion for sharing sports CONTINUE READING →

Hurry Up Spring – I Miss My Running Skirt!

This is what I've worn for almost every single run over the past 5 months: I run outside… No matter what* on sidewalks that look like this: *ok, with the exception of heavy sleet/slush and absolute torrential downpours, then I 'll tuck my tail between my legs and run on a dreadmill, aka the human hamster wheel. But now I 'm officially sick of winter. Sure it's nice the first few times in November to run without sweating to death, but now I 'm ready to feel the sun on my legs, face and back. I 'm so done with having CONTINUE READING →

@ReebokCanada Live with Fire Training Kits Giveaway!


My buddy Doug from Health Habits has Five (5) Reebok Live with Fire Training Kits to give away and he has offered to share them with us. Here's what is up for grabs. Five (5) Reebok Live with Fire Training Kits - each kit consisting of.... One (1) - Live with Fire Graphic Hoodie One (1) pair of TrainFlex shoes One (1) Live with Fire Graphic Tee One (1) pair of Live with Fire Speedwick Shorts One (1) pair of Live with Fire Knit Pants And what Do You Have to Do to Get all this awesome FREE CONTINUE READING →