Summer Chat, Ladies Lunch and a Review of Wendy’s New Salads #NewSaladCollection #Wendys


A week ago, I took my best running friend Juliette out for a nice relaxing (kid-free!) ladies lunch at Wendy's to try out their new salads.  They have three new salads that are 50% lower in fat grams, 29% lower in sodium, and 61% lower in saturated fat.   Wendy's new salads are: Asian Cashew Chicken, BBQ Ranch Chicken and Taco Supremo Salads.   Wendy's is a leader in the salad business - they were the first restaurant to bring the salad bar to quick service customers more than 30 years ago!  So when I heard CONTINUE READING →

Winter is in the air… Have You Started Your Holiday Shopping Yet?


Winter is in the air... While Halloween is only slightly behind us, many retailers are already stocking their shelves with holiday items. Last weekend, I received the Shoppers Drug Mart "Give Beauty" gift guide in the mail and found it chock-full of great gift ideas. I wasn't really planning on starting my shopping, but there are so many exclusive gift sets and products at Shopper's Drug Mart that I couldn't resist putting together my holiday shopping list: My big girls love to play spa, so they would totally love this exclusive CONTINUE READING →

The Swim Suit – A Post About Body Confidence

Would you wear this swim suit?

I originally posted this in April of 2008 on my other blog: Mom On The Run.  It came to my mind this week after having 6 of my girlfriends over.  We ALL have daughters turning 8 this year and they're even more aware of the messages we send them now, then when I originally posted this 5 years ago. As Spring and summer are approaching, I felt it would be worth re-posting because my thoughts remain the same today. I got an email last week from a friend: Well, I did it.  I bought a bathing suit.  My first one in, CONTINUE READING →

Natural Easter Eggs – A Project For Kids

Easter Eggs

Hurray! It's Spring! You know what that means? It's time to celebrate the re-birth of man with EASTER! And with Easter comes Easter Egg Hunting! Why do we hunt for Eggs? Two reasons: The egg shape is very similar to the shape of the tomb that Christ arose from. Because eggs  were a symbol of the re-birth of earth in Pagan celebrations. Egg hunting is a welcome tradition in my family as we celebrate both the re-brith of earth and the re-birth of man.  This is why every Easter we decorate eggs NATURALLY, then CONTINUE READING →

Birthday Drama… Can You Help This Mama?


My daughters, Sierra and Brooke are like two peas in a pod, despite being two years apart in age. They pretty go everywhere together, and do everything together: This also means they share the same circle of girlfriends on our street. They have one friend in particular who is the oldest of the group (there are a total of 6 of them who hang out together every weekend, and in the evenings when the weather is nice). This little girl is 1 year older than Sierra, and THREE years older than Brooke. Anyways, this little girl is having a CONTINUE READING →