Chili-Lime Chicken Kabobs + Laura’s Wine Tasting Bridal Shower

Chili-lime kabobs- perfect for a summer BBQ and pairs well with a light and refreshing pinot grigio wine

Last weekend myself and the three other bridesmaids (Julie, Juliette and Christine) in Laura's wedding party threw a shower for the  lovely bride, Laura.  Her wedding is in August, but we thought that a lovely June wine-tasting event for her shower would be a nice way to celebrate the bride.     Our original plan was to host the shower outside in Julie's beautiful backyard with her pool as a backdrop, but unfortunately the weather didn't want to cooperate with us and it rained all day long.  I had continue reading →

5 Health Benefits of Juicing + How to Juice Without a Juicer

How to juice without a juicer

Almost every single article about health, wellness and disease prevention suggests that we should eat 7-8 servings of vegetables and fruits  Now I don't know about you, but for me that's hard.  We had a challenge at work about 5 years ago where we had to tally how many servings of veggies we eat every day and I gotta admit that at first my tally was incredibly pathetic.  That is until I started juicing in the morning.  Besides the health benefits of juicing, I found my morning juice to be quite yummy, and a continue reading →

Sugar-Free Apple Pie Breakfast Quinoa

Anyway. Breakfast quinoa. It’s awesome. This apple pie breakfast quinoa is slightly sweet with crunch from the apple. The apple is key. If you have a morning sweet tooth, but crave something healthy, I cannot recommend this enough.

  Quinoa for breakfast isn't the typical. I feel like oatmeal is the big winner of breakfast and quinoa shows up in salads for lunch or as the grain for dinner. The very first time I ever heard of quinoa being a breakfast food was when I saw a box of GoGo Quinoa Flakes in the gluten-free aisle of the grocery store: I also remember that I pronounced the word quinoa quite incorrectly when I first told my hubby about it. This is a thing you should know about me-I'm pretty sure I'll be famous for it one day, but I find a way to continue reading →

Whats in Your Top Secret Snack Cupboard? My Reveal and a @BareFoods Giveaway! #spon


The other day one of my friends posted a Facebook status message that said her daughter had found her secret snack cupboard. I immediately started drooling and wondering what she keeps in her secret snack cupboard (I 'm a voyeur like that). Truthfully, I have my snack cupboard too †" though it's not so secret because I've caught my girls stealing my bite-sized Luna Bars from it. Although the contents of my cupboard varies from day-to-day, and week to week, I thought I would give you a glimpse of what's inside mine: Clockwise from continue reading →

Lean Turkey Meatballs


These turkey meatballs were a fantastic hit with the kiddos, and little did the kids know that these are far healthier for them than the pre-cooked frozen meatballs that can be bought at the store - it's a bonus that these are also cheaper to make at home! continue reading →

Food Friday: Are You Formatting Your Recipes Right?


I read an interesting article today about how Google indexes blogs & recipes with micro formatting to show up in a recipe search (Google Recipe View: Here's the article in case you're interested: Basically if you aren't formatting the recipes on your blog right, then they aren't being indexed by google to be included in Recipe View - meaning your missing out on site visitors because they aren't finding your site in the most popular search engine there is. How continue reading →

Food Friday: Yummy Mango Salsa


This past weekend I threw a Hawaiian Luau party for my little Brookie and was faced with a challenge... What do I feed our guests? I quizzed people on Twitter and the Bookieboo Forums and came up with: Pulled Pork sandwiches, grilled pineapple, and tortilla chips with mango salsa. The mango salsa I choose to serve got rave reviews so thought I'd share the recipe with you:     continue reading →

Food Friday: What’s in Your Smoothie?

Nom Nom!

Every morning I start the day off with a smoothie, oh and a coffee too.  I've found that since I began doing this two months ago, I crave less sweets. I used to have a bowl of cereal each day, and then be hungry again about 90 min later. Come 10 am, no muffin or cookie was safe! Enter the smoothie. Now, not only am I not hungry until lunch, I also can function on only one coffee. These are two side effects I wasn't anticipating because I only switched to having a smoothie because I figured it would be a quick way to get a jump continue reading →

Food Friday: Spanish Rice Wraps

Spanish Rice Wraps

Hey everyone! It's food friday! Yanno what that means? It's time for me to share a family favourite recipe - and time for you to link up your family favourite recipe so I can give it a try (yes, this is me being too lazy to find new recipes myself ...). This week I'd like to share with you our favourite Spanish Rice Wraps - they're really easy to make, and my kids absolutely LOVE them! They offer a serving of each food group: Breads & cereals Veggies Meat & legumes Dairy Here's a pic of my middle daughter, Brooke, continue reading →