Motivation Monday: November Goals

November Goals

Happy Monday everyone!!  I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!  It was a rainy and cold one here, but that didn't stop my girls from teaming up with our neighbour's daughter to go trick or treating: Sierra was a snow tiger, Brooke was a witch, Amber was a butterfly and our neighbour was a scary zombie. Sierra and Brooke zig-zagged back and forth across the street, around the block while Amber stayed on one side of the street.  When we got home we were really surprised to find out that despite doing half the continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is


Happy Monday everyone! This is my Mamavation Monday post for October 29, 2012. I hope that you all have had a great week - the weather was awesome for the most part, but man, wasn't the weekend yucky? I'm really lucky that the sports centre where my kids have swimming, gymnastics, skating lessons and hockey has an indoor track around the top of one of the rinks: So on Saturdays, while hubby is in parent & tot gymnastics class with Amber, and Sierra and Brooke are in their own gymnastics class, I have about 45 min to run continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Finding My Bliss


Warning: This is a LONG post! Hey everyone! How are you? How was your week? I hope it was AWESOME! This is my Mamavation Monday post for October 22, 2012. This past week was ridiculously busy for me †" THREE amazing things happened in my life that I can't wait to tell you about: ~ Amazing Thing #1 ~ Last week I joined the committee for the Ontario Women's Triathlon! The committee noticed my tweets, posts and status updates about the race and approached me to join them. After evaluating their needs and comparing them continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Getting My Mojo Back


Hey everyone!! How was your weekend? Mine was busy busy busy - but productive! I FINALLY got around to purging our house of all the baby stuff: a box of infant shoes, 2 boxes of baby clothes, toys, 2 exersaucers, 2 push toys, the high chair, and our extra crib are all ready to be given away! It feels amazing to be getting rid of that stuff! We decided when Amber was born that three was enough kids for us, and since then we haven't wavered on that. Someone wise once told me that when you're done you'll know it. Well we're done. This continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Things that I’m Thankful For


Hey guys! Did you have a great weekend (I`d totally put a question mark in here but for some reason my keyboard is stuck on Canadian French). My weekend was AWESOME (despite my keyboard problem because it was THANKSGIVING!! Up here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October. (I love that this gives us a full two month to work off the Thanksgiving dinner we had until we do it all again at Christmas.) Now in true Thanksgiving spirit I`m going to save you all from my whining and complaining about how I didn`t meet my continue reading →

Motivation Uh… Tuesday? My October Goals


Hey everyone! How are you? Can you smell Fall in the air? I took this picture today while out with the kids at the park after dinner: I can't believe that we're will into Fall already! We now only have three more months to accomplish the goals we set in January... So how are those goals going? Unfortunately my goals were reached by June and l haven't set any new or replacement ones.... Staying motivated since then has been admittedly really hard.Which likely means it's time for me to set some new ones... Hello October! Goals: (I'm continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Owning My Choices

Tim Horton's Fruit Explosion Muffin

I have a confession to make... Over the past few weeks I've been eating a lot of these: I could say it was the stress hormone cortisol, or I was tired, or I'm PMS'ing or perhaps justify it because it has FRUIT.. Source: via Meagan on Pinterest But truthfully no one has been putting a gun to my head to either buy them nor eat them. I'm owning my food choices and this coming week I'm going to choose to eat more veggies, and lean protein. (Really, I am!).  This is why I'm so glad that this week's continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Ontario Women’s Sprint Triathlon Recap

Transition 1 - Heading out for the bike

Wow!  Time sure flies by when you're busy and having fun! I just looked through my archives and realized that I haven't posted a Motivation Monday post since the beginning of August!   Since then I've been pretty busy with the August, and now the September Blogging Writing Challenges, solo parenting, kids soccer games, a trip to Boston (which I just realized I haven't recapped yet), and getting everyone ready for school (which starts tomorrow up here in Ontario, Canada).  That all said, I also was busy fitting in my continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Consistency is the Key to Success

2012-08-04 21.52.08

Happy Monday everyone! Today is a holiday here in Canada, which gives me an extra day to spend with my little girls together at a Pirate Festival - I can't wait! But first let's get on with my weekly Motivation Monday post we're I share my training accomplishments and my plan for next week (I do this mostly to keep myself accountable). Last week I was very consistent with my training! This is a big deal because I've been struggling with that for quite a while, in fact it seems like every Monday I've been coming up with continue reading →

Motivation Monday: There is no Elevator to Success


Happy Monday everyone! How was your week? This past week my motto was: I had a good laugh this morning when I woke up to find that the super cute 3rd baseman from the Toronto Blue Jays, Brett Lawrie had teamed up with SportChek to send me this personalised video tweet that was *almost* mocking my motto: Here's the video: (Seriously how cute is he?!) In all seriousness, my motto last week helped to remind me that good things come to those who work hard, and that anything worth having is worth working for (I 'm sure that Brett continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Because Having 3 Kids is No Excuse


Happy Monday!! As I wrote last Monday, last week was the beginning of my solo parenting summer, and I'm happy to report that it went very very well!  Being prepared (groceries, laundry, lunches etc) really paid off! After this past week, I have to agree with this picture that I found on Pinterest: Via Pinterest Having 3 kids is no excuse. On the first day that hubby was away, Sierra and Brooke rode their bikes to the park while I ran behind them pushing Amber in the jogger.  At the park we played tag and I also continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Changing Your Habits Will Create Future Success


Happy Monday everyone!! How was your week last week? My week was pretty good †" I followed my triathlon training plan as best as I can (remind me to share my plan with you in another post), and began working on revising my eating habits. As well, Tuesday was my birthday, and my kids made it an awesome day! On Monday night, my oldest daughter Sierra convinced my middle daughter Brooke to insist that I go watch her at soccer (usually my hubby goes to her games while I play with the other two at home). Sierra did this so she continue reading →

Motivation Monday: No More Beating Myself Up


Last week, as I wrote in my post about my bad eating habits, I struggled. I totally struggled to get back into a routine of healthy, mindful eating and exercising. Monday was a holiday (Canada Day) so I swam laps in the pool, Tuesday I ran 5k, Wednesday I went to BodyPump, and Thursday I went to Spinning class. Unfortunately my BodyPump class left me so sore that I skipped my Friday run and opted to go out for lunch with my co-workers instead, and I was still too sore to move on Saturday. By Sunday all the residual soreness had disappeared, continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Living My Priorities


Happy Monday everyone!! Last week Thursday I wrote about how my blog keeps me accountable, and then early this morning Mizfit reminded me that hadn't posted in a few days, so she was curious about how I've been doing. You know, nudge nudge, are you still working out? I love that about the health & fitness blogging community - everyone helps each other out with words of encouragement and motivation. So how have I been? In the words of Carla,This week I've been busy living my priorities. Family and fitness first - blogging, social media continue reading →

Motivation Tuesday: Let the Triathlon Training Begin!


Happy Monday Tuesday everyone! Today Yesterday marksed the end of my planned two week break, and I would totally be lying if I told you that I was a good girl and ate healthy during that time. I just can't seem to motivate myself to eat well if I 'm not being active †" it's like my body CRAVES veggies and fruit when I 'm training, and CRAVES absolute crap when I 'm not. Getting out of this bad habit is hard. It's like a downward spiral, and I think the best way to get back on track is to create an eating plan to go along with continue reading →