Motivation Monday: My November Goals

November Goals

  With only two more months left of this year, I decided that it was time to re-visit the goals that I set for myself for 2013 . I was really surprised to see that I've accomplished almost ALL of them!   I ran the Chilly Half I travelled to California and participated in the Ragnar SoCal Relay ran a sub 2 hr half marathon in May Competed in Iron Girl Triathlon, and set a new PB at the Ontario Women's Triathlon Ran another sub 2 hr half marathon Passed my CPPB exam Found the source of my morning headaches continue reading →

Motivation…. Uhhhh…. Thursday? Giving Thanks


Happy Monday Thursday guys! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I have no idea how the week got away from me †" I meant to post this on Monday! Ooops! I had a great weekend with lots to be thankful for. I 'm thankful for the gorgeous weather Saturday morning that allowed me to run 18k (11.25 miles) while the world was still rubbing their eyes and trying to make coffee. This was the last super long run before my half marathon in 2 weeks from now. I 'm thankful that I had the opportunity to take my youngest daughter to continue reading →

Motivation Tuesday: Falling Back into Fitness


OK †" yeah it's Tuesday, which means I 'm a bit late in planning out this week's fitness. Sorry! I gotta admit that I do this weekly post more for me as it keeps me motivated (hence why I call it Motivation Monday Tuesday) and it makes me think about my plan and how it progresses me towards my goals ( Half Marathon on October 19th, and an Olympic Distance Triathlon next summer). This past week my fitness was either hit or miss. If I worked out, I put my all into it. And then there were other days were I completely missed my continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Warning Contents May Be #Kickassimus


Hey everyone! Is it Monday already?! How did that happen? The days are flying by at the speed of light, and before I know it my BIG GOAL RACE will be here! Yikes! This past week was a great training week for me †" it felt so good to be back on track with no family illnesses interfering. Now that said, the time I choose to work out (my work lunch break) lends itself well to having various things creep up and prevent me from doing my training, so I can't really blame missed workouts on me missing work to take care of sick continue reading →

Motivation Monday: March Recap and April Goals

That Ragnar won't train for itself

Wow guys!  The first quarter of 2013 has really flown by!  I don't know about you, but my weight is creeping in the wrong direction... The more I run, the more I eat.  Sigh. I think I'm gonna have to change some things up in my routines, which I guess, is the point of this post, goal setting, and of periodic check-ins. My goals for March were: Finish the Chilly Half Marathon on Sunday in under 2 hours and 15 min without getting injured and to have an awesome time running with my training partner, continue reading →

Motivation Monday: What Makes You Better?

when i run....

Today while I was out running I got lost in thought about how awesome I feel lately.  Usually winter really brings me down and this LONG winter should have had me BEGGING hubby to move somewhere warm and sunny and amazing (like I do every winter).  I wasn't able to put my finger on why I was feeling so great until I got home... Running. Lately I've run A LOT as part of my training for Ragnar So Cal.  Usually I only run 3 times a week, and usually not for longer than 6k, but because I'm training my body to be able continue reading →

Motivation Monday: My Ragnar Training Plan


Happy Monday everyone! How are you surviving this first day back to reality after the time change? I 'm completely exhausted! Though I 'm not sure if that's from getting up an hour earlier than usual today, or if it's because I had a stellar training week! This past week I put my nose to the grind and did every single planned workout on my schedule - It feels so good to be back at it! This is good because I'm gonna need this mental toughness to get through my training for: Training for Ragnar is different than any training continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Getting Fit with the Family


Happy Family Day! Here in Ontario, it's Family Day weekend which means I got to spend an extra day with my three favourite little girls: Hubby spent part of it away for a much deserved guys weekend, so I got to play "Girl's Club" with Sierra, Brooke and Amber.  This also meant that I got the fun job of taking them to all of their activities and sports, including getting up for hockey at a ridiculous early hour on Sunday. (I don't do early weekend mornings - that's hubby's job). Funny story #1: I was so out of it Sunday continue reading →

Motivation Monday: No Excuses


Hey everyone! Did you all survive the snowstorm?  Wasn't that insane?  We got hit with a good foot or more of the beautiful white stuff on Friday, so I had to work from home - thank goodness 'cause I quite honestly cannot stand commuting. That 2 hours a day I spend sitting cursing at the traffic could be better spent with my family. I digress... Here are some pictures of the snow in my backyard that I took on Friday: 8:00 am 3:30 pm Overall I think we got just over a foot? Today's blog theme is: No Excuses continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Getting My Blogging MoJo Back


Hey everyone! Oy †" I sure dropped the bomb on ya with the 31 day challenge, haven't I? Blogging every single day sure takes more effort than I originally thought and planned. Life gets in the way and here I am wondering †" do I pick up where I left off Day 19(?) and then post 12 more challenges? Is anyone even still interested? As for where I've been… I've been busy with Borden Lane Solutions My side business takes advantage of my WordPress skills - I transfer bloggers from free blog hosts like continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Bring on the Triathlon Training!


Happy Monday everyone!! How was your weekend? Up here in Southern Ontario (Canada) it was gorgeous! Partly sunny and WARM! As in so warm that I was able to run in a T-shirt on Sunday!  Checking back on my schedule I was supposed to run 12k on Sunday but it was so gorgeous out that I took my husband up on his challenge to me: he dared me to run over to the Niagara Escarpment (steep slope as a result of erosion from the ice age), run UP it, then run back DOWN it, and run home.  I did it - but man am I ever sore today!! All continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Goals, Plans and Taking Action


Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season! I'm jumping back into the New Year by reflecting back on the past year and assessing last year's accomplishments, then creating goals, plans and action items.  Are you a resolution or a goal setting kind of person? I'm a goal oriented person which I credit to my psychology of sport professor, Dr. Sue Vail whose goal setting exercises in our classes has stuck with me for the past 15yrs and has greatly helped me to accomplish so many great things. For me, continue reading →

Motivation Monday: If You Build It They Will Come


This has been one insanely hectic week. I don't even know where to begin! It all started last weekend when I started taking on some clients for my new web design business.... I am seriously amazed by how many projects came my way just by putting up my little website!  First I transferred Whit Likes Fit, then I transferred Haute Muslimah, then I transferred & re-designed Treats with a Twist (I seriously LOVE Melissa's blog!): And then Asma of Haute Muuslimah came to me with a bunch of ideas on how she wanted to continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

Hey guys! ;How are you? I feel like this week I've been bobbing along in the water, trying to keep the current from pulling me under: It was a crazy busy week. Work is busy, home life is busy, my "other job" is busy and the kids... They're super busy too! This weekend, my oldest daughter played in a hockey tournament. ;In addition to our usual gymnastics, trampoline and skating lessons, she played in four hockey games. They won their first two games, tied their third game, and lost in the final game - earning them a silver continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Do What You Love


Hey everyone! Wasn't this past weekend gorgeous? Here in Toronto we broke the high temperature for November 11th that was set in the 1930's - we hit a very beautiful 17.8C! (Trust me, that's REALLY warm for this time of year here in the great white north). As you all know, a month ago I went to Blissdom Canada, a blogging and social media conference here in Toronto. I had a great time, learned a lot, and have been mulling over something in my head ever since. You see, with each of the learning sessions, I observed that the community leaders continue reading →