Motivation Monday: My November Goals

November Goals

  With only two more months left of this year, I decided that it was time to re-visit the goals that I set for myself for 2013 . I was really surprised to see that I've accomplished almost ALL of them!   I ran the Chilly Half I travelled to California and participated in the Ragnar SoCal Relay ran a sub 2 hr half marathon in May Competed in Iron Girl Triathlon, and set a new PB at the Ontario Women's Triathlon Ran another sub 2 hr half marathon Passed my CPPB exam Found the source of my morning headaches CONTINUE READING →

Motivation…. Uhhhh…. Thursday? Giving Thanks


Happy Monday Thursday guys! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I have no idea how the week got away from me †" I meant to post this on Monday! Ooops! I had a great weekend with lots to be thankful for. I 'm thankful for the gorgeous weather Saturday morning that allowed me to run 18k (11.25 miles) while the world was still rubbing their eyes and trying to make coffee. This was the last super long run before my half marathon in 2 weeks from now. I 'm thankful that I had the opportunity to take my youngest daughter to CONTINUE READING →

Motivation Tuesday: Falling Back into Fitness


OK †" yeah it's Tuesday, which means I 'm a bit late in planning out this week's fitness. Sorry! I gotta admit that I do this weekly post more for me as it keeps me motivated (hence why I call it Motivation Monday Tuesday) and it makes me think about my plan and how it progresses me towards my goals ( Half Marathon on October 19th, and an Olympic Distance Triathlon next summer). This past week my fitness was either hit or miss. If I worked out, I put my all into it. And then there were other days were I completely missed my CONTINUE READING →

Motivation Monday: Warning Contents May Be #Kickassimus


Hey everyone! Is it Monday already?! How did that happen? The days are flying by at the speed of light, and before I know it my BIG GOAL RACE will be here! Yikes! This past week was a great training week for me †" it felt so good to be back on track with no family illnesses interfering. Now that said, the time I choose to work out (my work lunch break) lends itself well to having various things creep up and prevent me from doing my training, so I can't really blame missed workouts on me missing work to take care of sick CONTINUE READING →

Motivation Monday: March Recap and April Goals

That Ragnar won't train for itself

Wow guys!  The first quarter of 2013 has really flown by!  I don't know about you, but my weight is creeping in the wrong direction... The more I run, the more I eat.  Sigh. I think I'm gonna have to change some things up in my routines, which I guess, is the point of this post, goal setting, and of periodic check-ins. My goals for March were: Finish the Chilly Half Marathon on Sunday in under 2 hours and 15 min without getting injured and to have an awesome time running with my training partner, CONTINUE READING →