My heart is 34, how old is yours? Take the test to find out!

How old is your heart? Take the test to find out!

February... February is the month of love, chocolate, and spending time with our loved ones.  Mmmmmm.. chocolate!  But did you know that February is also Heart month?  Started in 1958 by Dr. Wilfred Bigelow, Heart month is a once a year reminder to us to take care of our hearts so that they can take care of us.  Today, heart disease and stroke takes one life every 7 minutes and 90% of Canadians have at least one risk factor. Sadly, heart disease is still one of the leading causes of death in Canada. But knowledge is CONTINUE READING →

Happy To Be Me!

Today is the International Day of Self Love.  A day for us to celebrate ourselves! Too often our minds are full of negative talk: I can't do this. I cant do that. I'm too ___________ (insert self-criticism here). Because this is International Day of SELF-Love, I want you to state 3 things you LOVE about yourself.  Take a moment alone and jot them down, then stand PROUDLY in front of a mirror and tell yourself why you LOVE your self.  What are they?  What are you most proud of?  I know there's CONTINUE READING →

I Dare You to Fall in Love with YOU!

Learning to love yourself is not easy. If it were we'd all walk around proud as peacocks of ourselves. This is why I want to give each and every one of you a FREE GIFT! Because it's February, the month of SELF Love, I want to give you the gift of SELF Love - or at least a Kit that will help you to find SELF Love. The Madly in Love with ME guidebook, from Christine Arylo, explains the 5 gates of self-love, and will lead you through taking your personal stand to Choose Self Love, and then show you how to create a Self-Love Party for CONTINUE READING →

Guest Post: Get Right With Yourself

The Fabulous Kia!

This Guest Post is part of my SELF Love February series by one of the smartest women I know, Kia of the blog Bodhi Bear (@bodhi_bear).  Kia is a green lifestyle yogini who in my opinion always sees the positive side of any situation. In this post she shares her tips for finding the greatest love of all: SELF Love. (If you would like to share your journey towards SELF Love, then check out my guidelines here.) The path of self love is as individual as everyone and the myriad combination of mental tricks we play on ourselves. CONTINUE READING →

Guest Post: Rachel\’s SELF Love Tips

Rachel & her threesome of cute little boys

This Guest Post is part of my SELF Love February series by the fabulous Rachel of Running Rachel (@rachelsteffen). Like me she's a busy mom of 3, but still finds lots of time to love herself, run and share her faith in Christ. Check out her great tips on how she has found SELF love - it's not an easy road! (If you would like to guest blog, then check out my guidelines here.) More often than not, the self-talk in my head tends to be negative. The woman who I have dreamt about, dream to be, and yearn for is not always the same CONTINUE READING →