You’re Not Alone, My Journey Through Mental Illness #BellLetsTalk

A journey through mental illness, let's end the stigma by talking and sharing.

First off I want to begin by saying that this is not a sponsored post, I was not asked by anyone to discuss Bell Let's Talk Day or mental health.  These are my honest thoughts about a topic near and dear to my heart, that I feel need to be talked about and shared.   In June of 2005, my oldest daughter entered our lives. My water broke suddenly a month before my due date.  Just over four hours later I was holding a very small (but strong) 5lb 0oz baby in my arms.  Life was supposed to be blissful and awesome. CONTINUE READING →

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Recap: Week 11 #STWM

photo 5

After last week’s awesome training week, this week my training was put off to the side for something I felt was more important – End of the summer quality time with the kiddos. They are growing up so fast and I’m well aware that the days when they want to spend time with me will soon be a thing of the past, so I took advantage of the beautiful weather, took a week off from work and had fun with the kids. Monday: We got dressed up, took the GO Train to Toronto with my dad, and enjoyed a day of sight-seeing.  The kids LOVED CONTINUE READING →

Road Trippin it to Saratoga Springs, NY


This past April my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  Instead of trying to get away in the middle of hockey finals, we postponed our anniversary trip to the summer when we could leave the kids behind with my in-laws for the week.  We have never ever been on a week-long vacation just the two of us before (we couldn't afford a honeymoon after our wedding), and we didn't know when we would ever get a chance to do this again, so we spent a lot of time tossing around vacation ideas, researching flights and CONTINUE READING →

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon #STWM Week #4 Training Recap


Well it seems that my ankle is now fully healed and I am full-on into marathon training mode!  Last week's less is more approach paved the way for a really good training week, one that I'm super proud of. In my push to become strong and faster, I forgot how important cut-back weeks are for progress. Sometimes you need to just allow yourself a little rest & recovery so that you can do big things later on.  For me, that means only running three times a week, and taking a cut-back week every 3-4 weeks.   Which reminds CONTINUE READING →

A Few Random Thoughts on Waking Up Early


Yesterday I read a blog post that one of my new favourite Canadian bloggers, Pretty Little Grub, wrote as part of Running with Spoon's Thursday are for Thinking Out Loud link up. I really liked her post, and the concept of rambling on about the random thoughts that pop into my head seems pretty easy, so I figured I'd play along too. Unfortunately by the time I finished putting together the end of year Teacher appreciation gifts, it was too late to write so I drafted this this morning instead. A day late for Thursday, but as they say, better CONTINUE READING →