You’re Not Alone, My Journey Through Mental Illness #BellLetsTalk

A journey through mental illness, let's end the stigma by talking and sharing.

First off I want to begin by saying that this is not a sponsored post, I was not asked by anyone to discuss Bell Let's Talk Day or mental health.  These are my honest thoughts about a topic near and dear to my heart, that I feel need to be talked about and shared.   In June of 2005, my oldest daughter entered our lives. My water broke suddenly a month before my due date.  Just over four hours later I was holding a very small (but strong) 5lb 0oz baby in my arms.  Life was supposed to be blissful and awesome. continue reading →

Halfway Recap

September 1st, 2010 - Right after my last pregnant 5k run (30 wks)

NOTE: I started this post a month ago, got distracted by life, and am now just getting around to finishing & publishing it. Wow! Can you believe we're halfway through 2011?! This year is FLYING by!! This means it's time to re-visit my GOALS and PROGRESS or as Tina of Faith Fitness Fun calls it, my body after baby progress! You know what that means folks? It's picture time! September 1st, 2010: January 2011: June 2011: In January I set some goals for myself - non-scale related goals. Truth be told I think the scale continue reading →

How Do You Blow off Steam When You Can’t Workout?

Blowing off some steam...

It's been a long, long 10 weeks since I last worked out. Sure I've gone for walks, lots of them truthfully, but I haven't really gotten my sweat on since my last boot camp fitness class - that was 10 weeks ago I'm suffering. My family is suffering too. I blew up on my hubby last weekend - totally lost it on him. Normally it doesn't bother me that he doesn't help out much with housework. However, when I haven't worked out in a long time, little things become BIG things. Exercise is like a magic happy pill for me. I lost it continue reading →

How to Exercise When You’re Expecting – Book Review

Let me start off by saying that I'm a mom of three wonderful daughters. This means that I've been pregnant THREE times. I've worked out through two of my pregnancies (I had complications with my second pregnancy that didn't allow me to workout), and I've successfully gotten "my body back" three times. So when I was asked to review "How to Exercise When You're Expecting" by Lindsay Brin, C.P.T, B.S.E., I jumped at the chance, afterall, three pregnancies kind of makes me a bit of an expert, right? The author of "How to Exercise When continue reading →

Ask Janice: Can I Start Dieting if I am Still Nursing My Baby?


Lola aka @flygirllovexxx asked: I want to know, Can I start dieting if I am still nursing my baby? He is 8 months now. I still would like to nurse at nite???? Lola, I am so proud of you for breastfeeding!  What an excellent sacrifice you are making for your son! I breastfed each of my daughters for a combined total of 32 months.  I ate healthy, exercised and lost the entire 40lbs of pregnancy weight while breastfeeding - so yes it can be done! However, Dieting, as in strictly reducing your caloric intake while breastfeeding continue reading →

Getting Fit With Baby

As I wrote in my previous post, getting fit at home is a relatively new concept to me - one that I  never believed possible.  I always figured that there was no way I could get a workout intense enough for me to maintain or even improve my current fitness level at home.  Yes - I was a total Gym Rat. Then I had kids, which totally added to my belief that I couldn't workout hard enough at home - so I didn't try. I then met some fabulous friends on Twitter, tweeting with the hashtag #mamavation*.  They were continue reading →

Guest Post: How Exercise Helped Me Conquer Post-partum Depression


I`m honored to share this week's Guest Post from: Stephanie of Fit Mom In Training (@fitmomtraining).  Stephanie is a mom of an adorable son, an avid photographer, post partum depression survivor and fitness fanatic. Her post comes at a great time for me as I battled depression during my last two maternity leaves, and will be trying to keep the evil beast at bay with nutrition, sleep & exercise this year. (If you would like to guest blog, then check out my guidelines here.) I was just 3 weeks away from competing in my first half continue reading →

Amber’s Birth Story


Oh boy! This week has been a whirlwind & I really don't know where to start! Perhaps with Amber's birth story? (Beware... This is a rather long post, so grab some water & get comfy). On Tuesday (Nov. 2nd), I dropped my two older girls off at daycare and Kindergarten, then went to my midwife appointment. At my appointment, my secondary midwife (Jen) discovered that my cervix was 5cm dilated and the amniotic sac was bulging, although I wasn't in labour. My blood pressure was a bit higher than it had been through my pregnancy and I also continue reading →

Baby Amber is Here!

Amber Jordan - 7lbs 8oz - November 2, 2010 at 9:07 pm

I had big aspirations of sharing Amber's birth story with you today, but my midwives just stopped by to check on Amber and I, and I was advised to lay down & rest more (I've been doing too much apparently). I also need to wake up Amber to nurse as much as possible because like my oldest daughter, Amber is jaundiced. It's a moderate case of jaundice that should clear up with lots of nursing. So alas, I'm retreating back into my cuddle-fest with Amber. Here is slideshow of a few pics for you to enjoy until I'm able to follow up this post continue reading →

How Many Months Pregnant Am I?

Cute preggo belly

(I'm not really sure how this fits into "The Fitness Cheerleader" but I thought it might be something you'd be interested in, so I'm going to share this little bit of geekiness with you anyways, so bear with me :)) As you know, I'm pregnant with my 3rd child. During each of my pregnancies I've frequently been asked, "How far along are you?". This has always left me struggling to come up with an answer, because with each pregnancy I've always known (thanks to the amazing pregnancy online calculators and my iPod Touch) precisely how continue reading →

What do Paula, Kara and I Have in Common?

Kara, Paula & Me

Q. What do Paula Radcliffe, Kara Goucher and The Fitness Cheerleader have in common? A. We're all pregnant runners! Paula and Kara are due the same day in late September and I'm due on Remembrance Day. Although I have a history of giving birth early (my 4 year old daughter, Sierra, was born 4 weeks early and my 2 year old daughter, Brooke, was born 2 weeks early) this is probably the only race I would ever want to lose to my two favourite runners. Congrats girls! Here's to three healthy and happy pregnancies! continue reading →

Why You SHOULD Exercise During Pregnancy

Pre-Natal Boxing!

This week's Guest Post is from: Erica Ziel who is a personal trainer, pilates instructor, nutritionist, with expertise in prenatal & postnatal fitness. She shares great pre-natal fitness information on her blog: (If you would like to guest blog, then check out my guidelines here.) Exercising during your pregnancy is wonderful for so many reasons. Helps you (mom) feel better, increases your chances of a faster, smother labor (who doesn 't want that!), faster & less painful recovery, return to your postpartum continue reading →

Leave Your Excuses at the Door

Leave your excuses at the door!

Yesterday was an overcast day and the weather person was calling for rain. I 'm 20 weeks pregnant and have just recovered from a nasty case of plantar fasciitis. The day before I did a tough kick boxing workout with my awesome personal trainer (Rob from and I was still sore from it †" I had every excuse there was not to run. But at my usual time at lunch, I hauled my butt to the bathroom and changed into my running gear. Come hell or high water I was going to run. Not even 1 km into my run the sky continue reading →

If Paula Can Do It (Running While Pregnant)

Paula Radclife

So you 're holding that little magic stick with a “+” on it that confirms you are indeed pregnant. A new family member is on the way and suddenly you start thinking about your lifestyle. Maybe you weren 't trying, maybe you were. Your mind flashes back to that long run you did on Sunday and a wave of guilt overcomes you. Am I harming my baby by running? Can I continue running? Thankfully the answer is a resounding No, you aren 't harming your baby. In fact, there are benefits to running while pregnant. Yessiree, there continue reading →