You’re Not Alone, My Journey Through Mental Illness #BellLetsTalk

A journey through mental illness, let's end the stigma by talking and sharing.

First off I want to begin by saying that this is not a sponsored post, I was not asked by anyone to discuss Bell Let's Talk Day or mental health.  These are my honest thoughts about a topic near and dear to my heart, that I feel need to be talked about and shared.   In June of 2005, my oldest daughter entered our lives. My water broke suddenly a month before my due date.  Just over four hours later I was holding a very small (but strong) 5lb 0oz baby in my arms.  Life was supposed to be blissful and awesome. CONTINUE READING →

Halfway Recap

September 1st, 2010 - Right after my last pregnant 5k run (30 wks)

NOTE: I started this post a month ago, got distracted by life, and am now just getting around to finishing & publishing it. Wow! Can you believe we're halfway through 2011?! This year is FLYING by!! This means it's time to re-visit my GOALS and PROGRESS or as Tina of Faith Fitness Fun calls it, my body after baby progress! You know what that means folks? It's picture time! September 1st, 2010: January 2011: June 2011: In January I set some goals for myself - non-scale related goals. Truth be told I think the scale CONTINUE READING →

How Do You Blow off Steam When You Can’t Workout?

Blowing off some steam...

It's been a long, long 10 weeks since I last worked out. Sure I've gone for walks, lots of them truthfully, but I haven't really gotten my sweat on since my last boot camp fitness class - that was 10 weeks ago I'm suffering. My family is suffering too. I blew up on my hubby last weekend - totally lost it on him. Normally it doesn't bother me that he doesn't help out much with housework. However, when I haven't worked out in a long time, little things become BIG things. Exercise is like a magic happy pill for me. I lost it CONTINUE READING →

How to Exercise When You’re Expecting – Book Review

Let me start off by saying that I'm a mom of three wonderful daughters. This means that I've been pregnant THREE times. I've worked out through two of my pregnancies (I had complications with my second pregnancy that didn't allow me to workout), and I've successfully gotten "my body back" three times. So when I was asked to review "How to Exercise When You're Expecting" by Lindsay Brin, C.P.T, B.S.E., I jumped at the chance, afterall, three pregnancies kind of makes me a bit of an expert, right? The author of "How to Exercise When CONTINUE READING →

Ask Janice: Can I Start Dieting if I am Still Nursing My Baby?


Lola aka @flygirllovexxx asked: I want to know, Can I start dieting if I am still nursing my baby? He is 8 months now. I still would like to nurse at nite???? Lola, I am so proud of you for breastfeeding!  What an excellent sacrifice you are making for your son! I breastfed each of my daughters for a combined total of 32 months.  I ate healthy, exercised and lost the entire 40lbs of pregnancy weight while breastfeeding - so yes it can be done! However, Dieting, as in strictly reducing your caloric intake while breastfeeding CONTINUE READING →