Back-to-School with Netflix + Tips for Transitioning the Kids Back-to-School

Tips for Transitioning the Kids Back-to-School

The days are getting longer and the nights are getting cooler. That can only mean one thing, the summer is coming to an end and it's time to get the kids ready to go back to school. Tips for Transitioning the Kids Back-to-School Re-establish bedtime routine.  If you aren’t already doing so, re-implement a bedtime routine for your child.  This is especially important if over the summer they were allowed to stay up late and sleep in.  Children need at least eight hours of sleep daily to function optimally. continue reading →

5 Things I Love About Being My Daughter’s Softball Coach

5 Reasons to coach your child's sports

Tonight I've found myself with a rare quiet evening out on the deck, by the pool, by myself. The weather is beautiful, the birds are chirping and everyone is inside. The family is tired from a long week of softball, birthday parties, school and well, just life in general. In other words, life has slowed down enough tonight for me to think. And by thinking I mean reflect. I'm reflecting on last night's softball practice, on our practice last week and our softball games. The practices and games I coached. When I signed up to be an assistant continue reading →

#MotivateMe Monday: Pics from this Week + Four Weeks to go!


If you’re new here, #MotivateME Monday is a weekly link-up co-hosted by myself and Running Rachel for accountability and encouragement. It’s a place for us to share goals, plans, successes and have each other to pick us up to keep moving forward. Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic first week of June! How are those goals coming along? I’m usually a big goal setter but with the Ironman only 4 short weeks away my only goals this month are to not get injured or sick, and to train as much as I can for three weeks followed by continue reading →

#MotivateMe Monday: My Mothers Day + Seven Weeks to Go!


If you’re new here, #MotivateME Monday is a weekly link-up co-hosted by myself and Running Rachel for accountability and encouragement. It’s a place for us to share goals, plans, successes and have each other to pick us up to keep moving forward. Happy Monday, and Happy Belated Mother's Day! I hope you all had a fabulous week! I had a fantastic training week followed by a great Mother's Day. The kids absolutely spoiled me with homemade cards, a flower pen, a bookmark and breakfast in bed: The big girls have outgrown the desire to continue reading →

#MotivateMe Monday: A Busy Week


If you’re new here, #MotivateME Monday is a weekly link-up co-hosted by myself and Running Rachel for accountability and encouragement. It’s a place for us to share goals, plans, successes and have each other to pick us up to keep moving forward. Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all are doing well and that you had a great week of exercise and training. Last week was a crazy busy week in my household so I really don’t know where to begin with my recap. Last Monday I skipped my swim and just did a kettlebell workout from DailyBurn in continue reading →

A Day of Skiing at Glen Eden With My Girl


All school year long my oldest daughter, Sierra, has been super duper excited about an extra special trip... Ski day!  Every other year her school takes the two oldest grades on a ski trip to nearby Glen Eden.  She has talked NON-STOP about how excited she was to learn how to ski with her friends.  Now Sierra doesn't get excited about very many things, her two younger sisters are better known for that (Amber has been planning her 5th birthday party since about 2 days after she turned 4).   Finally the permission slip continue reading →

5 Reasons to Hug a Runner #GOHARD

keep calm and hug a runner

* This is not a sponsored post. I came across this event on my own and felt that this was important and that I had to share it. Today is Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day aka GOHARD.  It's a real thing, I didn't just make this up just to get hugs (though if you want to hug me then go right ahead :) ).  GOHARD is a virtual run/event that raises money for Girls on the Run.  Girls on the Run is an organization that inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum continue reading →

Lessons in Never Giving Up From My Daughter


A few weeks ago, my oldest daughter Sierra was excited for her very first cross-country meet. She “tried out” for the team, which I’m pretty sure consisted of listening to the school announcements and showing up at the proper time and place to sign up. I’m really proud of her for doing that part alone! Then, she and her team mates spent their school nutrition breaks running a few laps of the school “track” (a paved path around the perimeter of the school yard, softball diamond and “soccer fields”) to practice. When I was young I remember doing continue reading →

My Thanksgiving Weekend in Pictures


First things first, I must warn you that I didn't take many pictures of the food I ate because Thanksgiving is about so much more than just the food (though trust me, I definitely ate my share of food!).  Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday of the year - the weather is usually decent enough to get out and enjoy fall and the weekend is about everything that Christmas should be about: celebrating friends & family while being grateful for everything we have. This weekend I was lucky enough to spend the entire weekend with my husband and my continue reading →

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon #STWM Week #6 Training Recap


I know this is a little late but I'm on vacation this week with the hubby for our 10 yr anniversary. I started writing this on Sunday and am just now getting around to finishing and publishing, sorry! Wow!  Has it been 6 weeks of training already?!?  Man - I better bust out some longer runs over the next few weeks otherwise this marathon will be brutal.  While I love running 8 to 10k, anything over that scares me and I tend to procrastinate doing those longer runs.  The funny thing is that I KNOW very well that whether I continue reading →

Family Fun at Flamboro Valley Camping Resort


Every summer I try to exchange the hustle and bustle of the suburbs for the quiet and tranquillity of nature in the form of a nice family camping trip. Life is about making memories and unplugging and creating camping memories are some of the best moments I've ever spent with my daughters, so this weekend I unplugged, packed the girls up and headed out to Flamboro Valley Camping Resort to make some memories. Ahhhhh fresh air, memories and FUN! Last summer, my friend Tracy invited myself and my two older girls to continue reading →

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon #STWM Week #5 Training Recap


Happy Monday everyone!   After a good training week last week, this week turned out to be a bit of a recovery week, and the kickstart to a 4 week crash triathlon training cycle. A week ago I decided to add the Iron Girl triathlon to my race schedule.  You see I have this disease that causes me to say "When and where?", when someone mentions a race.   I started the week by recovering from last week Sunday's trail race, threw in some swimming mid-week, and then ended the week with a fun camping trip with my continue reading →

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Recap Week #2


Two weeks of #STWM training down, 16 weeks left to go! Six weeks ago I was bummed out about how slowly the recovery was going from my ankle sprain and that weird shin splints/compartment syndrome/peroneal strain thing that I just couldn’t shake. I was angry, frustrated and worried that I’d never get back to running. I was ready to call it quits and to start body building or joining crossfit to take my mind off of the fact that I keep on injuring myself while running. I had completely lost faith in my body.   I’m not sure I continue reading →

Sierra’s 9th Birthday Run or Dye Race Recap


9 years ago, my hubby and I had the shock of our lives, at only 8 months pregnant my water broke as soon as we got home from work, and within 20 minutes I was in labour. It was 4 weeks too soon for our baby... or so we thought. My first step was to call my friend Tracy, she had birthed two kids so she was my source of all things pregnancy and baby related. Our conversation went a little something like this: Me: Hey Trace, I... I.... I think either my water broke or I peed my pants, except the pee keeps coming every time I move. Tracy: continue reading →

Reasons Why I Run


So today is National Running Day, and as y'all know, I'm Canadian (eh!).  Although there's no INTERNATIONAL Running Day, I'm a runner no matter where I live so I decided to celebrate right along with all of you and ran a nice easy 5k at lunch.  It wasn't completely pain-free, but my leg certainly felt MUCH better than it's been in a LONG time, so yay!!!  This morning I asked you WHY you run.  To which my friend Jenny (that I happened to have met through running and triathlon) said, "I run for my health, continue reading →