How to Build a Half Marathon Training Program


As you may be aware, I 'm training for the Mississauga Half-Marathon (May 16, 2010). When I tell people this I 'm often asked how I train for a half-marathon. Being as sarcastic as I am, I often have to stop myself from responding: “By running”. I think what these curious bystanders really want to know is how do you build up the running distance? How do you build a CONTINUE READING →

Who Wants to Learn How to Run?


There's an unofficial rumor that there will indeed be another 5K Fun Run at Blogher '10! This is awesome news because I want to help you train for it!! How will I help you? I will personally coach you through 10 weeks of 3 days/week training. I will help progress you from a 30 min walk to running a 5K!! The bonus is that you WILL lose weight before the conference! Sign up below CONTINUE READING →