Your Healthiest Year Ever, Day 15: Do a Handstand Pushup


Hola my Amigos (and Amigas)! How are you this lovely (COLD) January day? Did you end your day with a dance party yesterday, and start with one today? I'm feeling PUMPED from our parties! Today's challenge has been inspired by my fellow FitFluential ambassadors - last year we all attempted to handstand pushups, vlogged ourselves trying, and then tagged others to try them too. So today I'm tagging all three of you who read my blog to give a handstand push up a try! Here's my vlog of my really sad attempt at it (and yes, II'm totally ok continue reading →

Does Anyone Actually Watch VLogs?

So I've been asked numerous times to record vlogs, but I gotta admit I 'm hesitant. I've done a few, and as much as I put myself â€Å"out there” here on my blog, I feel vulnerable putting myself REALLY out there by vlogging. I get nervous about public speaking, and recording video is no different. What's that statistic again? More people are scared of public speaking than death. Yeah †" that would be me. Public speaking and vlogging is scarier than death. But because I love y'all and I aim to please, I continue reading →

5 Tips for Bringing More Traffic to Your Healthy Living Blog – A Tribute to @KellyOlexa

Happy birthday Kelly!

Today is a National Holiday... Well not really, but it certainly should be - it's FitFluential founder, @kellyolexa's BIRTHDAY!! Happy Birthday Kelly! Who is Kelly?  Kelly records AWESOME vlogs that are very entertaining (I think she's hilarious!) and she has a great blog.  She's also always sharing social media tips with the FitFluential family.  (If you've never seen any of her vlogs, then I urge you to go watch a few from her YouTube channel - then come on back here to watch my vlog). So, in continue reading →

My 6 Year Old Shares Her Thoughts on Herbal Magic Products

I have to show you this video - it's a conversation initiated by my 6yo after watching the Herbal Magic commercial on TV. In my opinion a 6yo shouldn't be aware of these things but she is because she's seen a lot of inappropriate commercials for weight loss products - they're everywhere! I personally feel that weight loss is an adult issue, and that kids shouldn't be aware of things like weight. They should just be concerned with being active and eating well. Thankfully my messages to her are sinking in.... And of course she has lots continue reading →

Growing Healthy Multivitamin Review

I recently was contacted to review a new kid's vitamin: Growing Healthy Kids Multivitamin by Life Time Fitness.  I didn't know how my kids would react to them, though they were very eager to try them, so I decided the best way to capture a kids review of a product was on video. I really wasn't expecting my kids to be so raw and honest, but I'm rather thankful that the video was recording because there is no way I could ever describe this in words: All in all, 5 year old Sierra liked the flavour, but not the texture because the continue reading →