Your Healthiest Year Ever, Day 15: Do a Handstand Pushup


Hola my Amigos (and Amigas)! How are you this lovely (COLD) January day? Did you end your day with a dance party yesterday, and start with one today? I'm feeling PUMPED from our parties! Today's challenge has been inspired by my fellow FitFluential ambassadors - last year we all attempted to handstand pushups, vlogged ourselves trying, and then tagged others to try them too. So today I'm CONTINUE READING →

Does Anyone Actually Watch VLogs?

So I've been asked numerous times to record vlogs, but I gotta admit I 'm hesitant. I've done a few, and as much as I put myself â€Å"out there” here on my blog, I feel vulnerable putting myself REALLY out there by vlogging. I get nervous about public speaking, and recording video is no different. What's that statistic again? More people are scared of public speaking CONTINUE READING →

5 Tips for Bringing More Traffic to Your Healthy Living Blog – A Tribute to @KellyOlexa

Happy birthday Kelly!

Today is a National Holiday... Well not really, but it certainly should be - it's FitFluential founder, @kellyolexa's BIRTHDAY!! Happy Birthday Kelly! Who is Kelly?  Kelly records AWESOME vlogs that are very entertaining (I think she's hilarious!) and she has a great blog.  She's also always sharing social media tips with the FitFluential family.  (If CONTINUE READING →

My 6 Year Old Shares Her Thoughts on Herbal Magic Products

I have to show you this video - it's a conversation initiated by my 6yo after watching the Herbal Magic commercial on TV. In my opinion a 6yo shouldn't be aware of these things but she is because she's seen a lot of inappropriate commercials for weight loss products - they're everywhere! I personally feel that weight loss is an adult issue, and that kids shouldn't be aware of things like weight. CONTINUE READING →

Growing Healthy Multivitamin Review

I recently was contacted to review a new kid's vitamin: Growing Healthy Kids Multivitamin by Life Time Fitness.  I didn't know how my kids would react to them, though they were very eager to try them, so I decided the best way to capture a kids review of a product was on video. I really wasn't expecting my kids to be so raw and honest, but I'm rather thankful that the video was CONTINUE READING →