Growing Healthy Multivitamin Review

I recently was contacted to review a new kid’s vitamin: Growing Healthy Kids Multivitamin by Life Time Fitness.  I didn’t know how my kids would react to them, though they were very eager to try them, so I decided the best way to capture a kids review of a product was on video.

I really wasn’t expecting my kids to be so raw and honest, but I’m rather thankful that the video was recording because there is no way I could ever describe this in words:

All in all, 5 year old Sierra liked the flavour, but not the texture because the vitamins crumble rather quickly into a powder in your mouth.  3 year old Brooke’s real issue was the VOLUME of crumble. It simply was too much for her little mouth, and as she says at the end of the video, she would try them again if I broke it in half for her.

I looked over the label, and the % daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet, and in many cases there was well over 100% of the recommended daily value in the vitamins. The bottle suggests two vitamins/day for children over the age of 2. Now I don’t know about your kids, but mine certainly do not consume 2000 calories/day. Heck! I don’t even cosume that many calories in a day!  Basically a child would get WELL over 200% of the required amount of many vitamins and minerals.  I’m not a nutritionist, but I truly believe more is not always better.

My biggest dislike of the product was the sweeteners used.

From the manufacturer’s website:

…. It is also all-natural, sweetened with xylitol, lo han and Stevia and comes in a tasty cherry flavor.

Those sweeteners give the vitamin an awful after taste. The small amount of sugar that could be in a vitamin would make this vitamin more tasty.

My review? Save your money and just feed your children nutrient rich HEALTHY foods.

Disclaimer: I did not pay for this product. It was sent to me and in exchange, I’ve posted an honest review of it. I was not compensated nor was I encouraged by the manufacturer to post a positive review. This review is based solely on my experience with this product.

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  1. says

    Hey Janice,
    There is a place for a good, pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin in both an adult and a child’s diet. Since our foods are depleted, even with the most wholesome diet filled with real, un-processed food, we aren’t able to get everything our bodies need from food alone. USDA, JAMA and Canada’s Food Guide all recommend supplementation for different vitamins.
    Take a peek at Usanimals – the children’s daily multi made by USANA. Sweetned with fructose, they have all of the good stuff for kids and none of the added sweetners.