Does Anyone Actually Watch VLogs?

So I’ve been asked numerous times to record vlogs, but I gotta admit I ‘m hesitant. I’ve done a few, and as much as I put myself â€Å”out there” here on my blog, I feel vulnerable putting myself REALLY out there by vlogging. I get nervous about public speaking, and recording video is no different. What’s that statistic again?

More people are scared of public speaking than death.

Yeah †” that would be me. Public speaking and vlogging is scarier than death. But because I love y’all and I aim to please, I put on my big girl panties and sports bra and recorded this vlog to share with ya after my lunch time run today yesterday:

Yesterday’s post

QUESTION: Did you watch my vlog?

PS – are there any videographers out there reading this post? I could use some help putting together a really cool intro to my vlogs that I could splice in before my vlog. Yanno – various pictures of me, my kiddos, and my blog header etc set to royalty free music. Can anyone help a girl out? I’ll include a credit to you here on my blog, on my Youtube channel and at the end of all of my vlogs.

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    thanks for sharing this i will watch it if its someone i like, i always try to watch my friend jennyonthespot whose videos are always fun to watch.

    yes i do exercise mainly walking and stationary bike and I will go to fitness class when I can
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    I include exercise videos in my articles, but I don’t do Vlogs of entire articles.

    Personally, I prefer the printed word for articles because I can read fast or slow, re-read sections and never have to rewind because the vlogger mumbled
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      Yep – that’s I’ve found too. I think that twitter, facebook, my blog & YouTube are 4 distinct communities with a very small overlap.

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    I don’t usually watch vlogs because I am usually already watching something else when I’m on the computer. Or my husband’s playing music. Or…there’s just usually so much other noise! When I come onto a blog I want to just read. But I do usually check them out the first time.
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    I like them because I can listen to you while typing this comment. The video is shaky and that’s a little nauseating. :) I’ll watch them, but you just need to sound a little more comfortable.

    Oh. Question. Hmmm, good one. I exercise, but want to shift to training.

    Do you talk with people on Skype? Do some video chats with your friends and get comfortable and then pretend you’re talking to your favorite person on Skype. It will make you feel less stressed and that will come across in your voice.

    I have distant memories of being nervous speaking in front of people, but then you just realize that they’re not going to hit you and if they do you can beat them down…and everything gets better. LOL

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      What I meant to say is I’ll watch them no matter what. I enjoy you. That wasn’t a weird threat like I’ll only watch if you get comfortable. Sorry about that! You’re SUPER brave and this was a really good video!!

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    I am not usually a fan of vlogs. Part of the reason is what Donloree said-if it doesn’t catch my attention in the first 20 seconds or so, I get bored. The other reason is that I read blogs during downtime at work and watching a video seems inappropriate. :)

    That being said, I usually check out a blogger’s first vlog to just get an idea of what they are really like in person!
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    Yup, I watch vlogs! I usually only give them 45 seconds though…if they don’t grab my attention past that I am done. :)

    I didn’t read yesterday’s post, but I ‘train’ at least that is what I call it. :) What else does a hobbyist bodybuilder do?
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