Somewhat Wordless Wednesday: Think You Can’t Do It? Neither Did I

November 29, 2011

I came across this very inspiring video of 500 amazing before and after weight loss pictures on YouTube the other day and I thought that I would share it with you. None of the people featured thought that they could lose the weight, but guess what? They did it! The best part about this video is that in the majority of the after pictures the people are being active or wearing active gear… Hmmmm… Coincidence? I 'm sure for many of them getting started wasn't easy. Going for that first deliberate walk, putting on continue reading →

Getting the Most Out of the Mind, Body Relationship


Guest Post by Dan Petraglia of Fitness and Weight Loss Central. Did you know that your body responds to your thoughts? Yeah! Your thoughts can affect your overall mood, energy level, and even your general physical function. The most important thing your body listens to, is YOU! Your mind speaks to your body as a commanding voice and influences nearly every choice you make involving it. By being aware of your mind, body relationship you can influence yourself to get in shape, gain energy and even get MORE out of life! But how do continue reading →

Fitness Cheerleader has a New Facebook Fan Page!

Ok, well it's not entirely new.... It's just gotten a bit of a facelift. (Facebook.... Facelift... budda-boom!) Ok - not that funny. Thanks to a FANTASTIC tutorial by Rachel over at "Following In My Shoes" I've created a new custom "Welcome" landing page to my Facebook fan page: I'm sure there are much better ones out there, but I did this one ALL BY MYSELF and I'm quite proud of it thank-you-very-much. I also followed another tutorial and created my own vanity Facebook URL: (Can you continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Life Happens

Amber & I ready for our C-c-c-cold run!

Hi everyone! This is my Mamavation Monday post for November 28, 2011: This past week was not my best training week. Amber was sick with diarrhoea and she had to stay home with me. I ended up skipping out on my planned training, not once but three times! Eeek! Monday - I normally go to a lunch time spinning class as I 'm training for the 75K Ride for Heart, but I had to miss the class †" I couldn't very well leave Amber in the gym daycare with her â€Å"little problem”. Tuesday - I had to stay home continue reading →

What I Ate to Lose 20 lbs

Carrots, Broccoli and Cheese

This post is inspired by the very lovely and beautiful, Running Rachel - She asked me what I ate to lose the 20lbs that I've lost this year. Truthfully I didn't do anything fancy schmancy - no fad diets or anything, instead I made it a personal challenge EVERY day to reach 5 servings of lean protein and 7-8 servings of fruits n veggies. I don't believe in DENYING myself things, instead I CHALLENGE myself.  I found by doing this it was, dare I say it, fun! To illustrate to you the food choices that I made, I've gone continue reading →

Grocery Shopping For Health


Being healthy depends a lot on the food choices we make right? And it really doesn't take a genius to figure out that a banana is a far healthier snack choice than a few cookies, right? So why then do we struggle so hard to make the right choices? Why do we find our cupboards full of junk - not the nutritious food that we should be eating? I'm not going to pretend to be perfect - my cupboards are full of nacho chips, cookies, butter tarts, etc. BUT... these are all ok... in moderation. The problem lies in the fact that learning to moderate continue reading →

Sugar-Free, Low-Calorie Cranberry Sauce

Suga-free, low-cal cranbery sauce!

Because it's Tech Tuesday I had originally intended to share a post about the iphone apps that I'm using to make me a faster runner.  Then I realized that Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US and 90% of you, my dear readers, are American.  This means that my Tech Tuesday post will mean more to you on Friday (as you work off your Holiday meal), and my Food Friday post would have been a day too late.  So I decided to change my posting "schedule" so that I could share with you this healthy alternative to those nasty continue reading →

Motivation Monday: Staying Active Though The Holidays


Hi everyone! This is my Mamavation Monday post for November 21, 2011. I have an announcement... I am officially in MAINTENANCE MODE!! When I started this journey in January, I was 25lbs heavier than I am now.  Yeah!  Holy crapola I'm 3-4 sizes smaller than I was before I got pregnant with Amber!  This means that I have to figure out how to STAY here and STOP the yo-yoing that I've been doing over the past 7 yrs.  I think the key will being staying active though the winter and the continue reading →

My Turning Point

Baseball (227)

Hey gang! How 's your week going? Have you been eating your Fruits and Veggies? Yanno, there are still 3 weeks left in the Healthy Challenge. Each week runs from Monday to Sunday night. Here 's how it works: 1. Sign up using the form at the bottom of the Healthy Challenge post. 2. Everyday eat fruits and veggies, and keep track of how many servings you 've eaten. Your goal is to reach 7-8 servings. 3. On Sunday I 'll send you an email asking you how many days you were able to eat your 7-8 servings of fruits n veggies. 4. A continue reading →