Thursday Thoughts


Because Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud, today I feel like sharing with you some of my random thoughts: 1. It’s still two weeks until the New Year and I’m already thinking about some goals for 2015. Fitness goals, life goals, parenting goals and just plain looking forward to all that 2015 will hold for me and my family. I kind of feel like the holidays is a speed bump in my fitness plan CONTINUE READING →

Making Water Fun (So You’ll Drink More of it) with SodaStream

Say "Cheers" to the holidays with these two awesome SodaStream Cocktails: New Year Mango Breeze & Holly Jolly Christmas White Wine Spritzer

In a recent survey conducted by Leger Marketing, only 56% of Canadians believe they drink enough water. The other 44% of us realise we're falling short.  While I’m fully aware of the importance of drinking water and how much water I should be drinking (eight glasses a day), I find that drinking plain water is just not fun. Recently my family received a SodaStream and we were asked to CONTINUE READING →

Sweating Away the Stress #MotivateMe

Stressed Cat

So here we are with less than two weeks to go until Christmas...  I am beyond stressed out.  While I big puffy heart the week off between Christmas and New Year's to spend with my family, the preparations for Christmas day stresses me right out!  I want to get everyone the perfect thoughtful gift, wrap the gifts perfectly and bake the perfect holiday treats.... This past week CONTINUE READING →

How to Make Friendship Bean Soup Mix in a Jar: An Awesome (Healthy) Gift for Teachers


I don’t know about you, but nothing fills me more with anxiety than trying to figure out an awesome Christmas gift for my daughters’ teachers. How can I possibly give them a healthy gift that truly reflects how thankful I am for the wonderful care they give my girls that’s also affordable? With three daughters’ who each have two teachers (they’re in French Immersion so they all have both an CONTINUE READING →

My Year of Running 2014: Setting Big Goals and Going After Them


Every year, Miss Zippy hosts an annual Year of Running link up. I actually didn’t know anything about this link up until she contacted me to give her blog a makeover. While spending so much time on her site I realised just how awesome Amanda is and how cool her Year of Running link up is, that I’ve decided to play along. If you want to play along too the rules are simple: 1. Grab her CONTINUE READING →

What’s the Best #LifeAdvice You’ve Ever Received?


Over the course of our lives, many people help to influence who we become. I strongly believe that every person who comes into my life has come into my life to serve a purpose. We learn life lessons from everyone we meet.  Two years ago, my best running friend came into my life by chance. It was towards the end of summer, and I was on our front lawn playing a somewhat quiet game of UNO CONTINUE READING →

25 Days of Strength and This Week’s Fitness Plan #MotivateMe


Happy Monday everyone!  How are your workouts going?  I find that this time of year is so busy that things like healthy eating and working out tend to fall by the wayside without a plan.  Thankfully today is #MotivateMe Monday – a day to plan out and post our fitness and meal plans to help us reach those goals. This week I’m sharing a whole hodge podge of various things going CONTINUE READING →

The Ultimate Fitness Tech Gift Guide and Giveaway!


It's only a few weeks before Christmas so I’m offering up this complete gift guide for fitness tech junkies–just about everything you could possibly need is here. It’s also a season of gratitude, and I want to express mine to my wonderful crew of readers with a giveaway for an awesome misfit shine! It wouldn’t be possible without my fantastic sponsor TELUS that got on board, so in the spirit of CONTINUE READING →

FIT CHICKS Fierce in 8 DVD Box Set Review and Giveaway!


I have a confession to make:  Working out at home doesn't come naturally for me.  Although I've done a TON of different fitness classes, and know a TON of different exercises when I'm at home my mind goes blank on what exercises to do, and how hard to push myself. I usually give up well before I've reached failure or fatigue.  I'm really not pushing myself as hard at home as I need CONTINUE READING →

25 Days of Strength Advent Calendar #MotivateMe

Most of these are body weight exercises that you can do anywhere, Almost all of the exercise instructions can be found in this one great post on Greatist. I did this on purpose to keep things simple. You can either do three sets of as many of the day's exercise as you can, or build up the exercises into a kick butt circuit, ie: Day 1: Three sets of Tuck Jumps, Day 2: Three sets of Tuck Jumps and Pushups with Shoulder Taps, Day 3: Three sets of Tuck Jumps, Pushups with Shoulder Taps and Wall Sits. However you choose to approach this is up to you.

Happy Monday everyone!  It's time again for the #MotivateMe Monday linkup with Running Rachel and I where we share our progress, our meal plans and our training schedule.  We'd love it if you linked up at the end of this post too! This past week was pretty good for me.  I got in my trainining runs and most of my planned strength sessions.  I also got some answers CONTINUE READING →

6 Awesome Leftover Turkey Recipes

Got leftovers? via

Ahhhhh Thanksgiving dinner!  How I love you!  But if you're like my family we always have WAY too much turkey leftover.  So what should you do with it?  There's only so many hot turkey sandwiches you can make, right? Though I do admit that they make a nice yummy lunch.  Because I've got a fridge full of leftover turkey courtesy of my AWESOME mother-in-law, I looked CONTINUE READING →